10 Best Female Songs

The top 10 female songs are songs that stand out from the rest. They are artists which have really affected the listener both on the surface and underneath the lyrics. These varied songs are some that are hard to forget when heard.

  1. Janis Joplin, "Bobby Magee." This song is absolutely wonderful. Janis Joplin's rough voice is sensual and compelling to say the least. The overall feel and rhythm of this number makes it a classical hit among other female artists for years after it was performed.
  2. Joan Jett, "I Love Rock n' Roll." wow, what a song this was. The sound is bad ass and rocks hard. Although this song is hard core for its time, Joan Jett portrays a strange femininity as she screams out her lyrics.
  3. Lady Gaga, "Paparazzi." This song is funky and has a great beat. Many people fail to realize this woman's true talent and it shines when she performs. This particular song is different from any song performed before it and the performer is multi-talented and extreme on the stage. Bravo to this new talent on the rise.
  4. Madonna, "Like a Virgin." This eighties classic is loved by most everyone. Madonna adds a sexual feel to a seemingly innocent song of virginity. Her movements and voice is so silken and arousing that it is hard not to take notice.
  5. Lauryn Hill, "Turn Your Lights Down Low." This song is special to many lovers around the world. It is sensual, it is amazing and it is such a strong song. Lauryn Hill is one of the best vocalists of her time.
  6. Cyndi Lauper, "True Colors." This song is special because it makes you understand the importance of being who you really are. The sound is soothing and mystical yet offers strength in its wild colors and child like portrayals.
  7. Annie Lennox, "Sweet Dreams." This is a classic song that was made very popular in the eighties and nineties. The beat is fantastic and this song is great for parties and get togethers. It has been found to be one of the most popular female  songs of all.
  8. Susan Boyle, "I Dreamed a Dream." This song rocked the world on "American Idol" when this unknown made herself known in the music industry. Her voice is smooth and enticing and she is definitely a revolutionary performer.
  9. Patsy Cline, "Walking After Midnight." This classic country singer is simply amazing and this song is her most popular song among many favorites. Her down to earth look paired with her comforting voice, wows many still, today.
  10. Taylor Swift, "Teardrops On My Guitar." This young girl wowed us all with her string of hit songs. This song is simply yet beautifully done as her voice is new and fresh.

Of all female songs these are some of the most memorable. They are hits, classics and loved by many.  

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