10 Best Female Soul Artists

If you are a fan of soulful music, check out the following 10 best female soul artists. Each of these singers are big time stars that deserve every bit of praise they get. They have voices full of soul, and can reach unbelievable vocal ranges. These ten females command an audiences attention with their music and that is exactly what they get.

  1. Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin is commonly referred to as the "Queen of Soul" and is, therefore, ranked as the top best female soul artist. She sings emotionally charged songs with a very powerful range. She has had numerous hits over the years and has been an inspiration for many different people.
  2. Roberta Flack. You may recognize this best soul artist from one of her biggest hits called "Killing Me Softly." She broke into the music industry with a crisp new air. She is most commonly known for her creamy blend of R&B.
  3. Etta James. You're most likely to know this female soul artist from her fiery blues style. One of her most famous pieces was a song called "At Last." Her voice can be described as larger-than-life.
  4. Gladys Knight. Many refer to Gladys Knight as the "Empress of Soul." This best female soul artist has amazing vocals. Not only that, but her music is full of passion and raw emotion. One of her biggest and most well-known kits is "Midnight Train to Georgia."
  5. Tina Turner. Tina Turner is known for high-energy performances. She is a soul singer with a great bluesy voice. One of her most popular performances is to the song "Proud Mary." She has even been referred to as the "Queen of Rock-N-Roll" back when she was performing with the Ike and Tina Revue.
  6. Diana Ross. Diana Ross is another one of the best female soul singers. She has an incredibly calm voice that is very easy on the ears. Her music has influenced many people over the years and still continues to do so today.
  7. Chaka Khan. Here is another phenomenal female soul singer. She has an extremely powerful voice with a wide range. One of her most well-known songs is "I'm Every Woman." Her voice alone can capture the attention of an entire room.
  8. Whitney Houston. Many consider Whitney Houston to be one of the best female soul artists of all time. She comes from gospel roots, but has also transcended into pop, and R&B music. Like the others on this list, she has a powerful singing voice that commands the attention of an audience.
  9. India Arie. India Arie still has a very strong presence in the music industry today. This female soul artist creates songs that have deep lyrics and meanings behind them. She is great at encouraging women and their empowerment.
  10. Alicia Keys. Keys is the best female soul artist for the younger generations. She likes to create music that fans can connect with. Not only is she a great singer, but she can also be considered a talented pianist. Her music is modern, but at the same time is still has an old school feel to it.
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