10 Best Female Soul Singers

The following article describes the 10 best female soul singers. These singers wow the audience with their incredible vocal chops, mesmerize us with the ridiculously high notes they can hold for more than ten seconds, and sooth with their soulful voices. These women are the ones that many young women inspired to be.

  1. Jennifer Hudson. Hudson is one of the best female soul singers who earned great success after being a contestant on 'American Idol.' Her voice is a throwback to the soul singers before her, which makes her serious competition in the music industry. Despite the tragedy that happened in her personal life, she continues to shine and bless everyone with her singing talent.
  2. Jill Scott. This great singer has a nice mix of neo-soul and old school soul with her music, which brings both young and older fans together. Aside from being a soul singer, she can pull off jazz, R&B and poetry as has her songs is a mixture of all four, providing us with different elements in her music
  3. Alicia Keys. A multi-talent singer and pianist, Alicia Keys provide the younger generation old school style music, which is lost among the sea of Disney singers, and pop music everywhere. Her music consists of upbeat to slow tempo, extending a personal connection between her music and fan base.
  4. India Arie. Similar to Jill Scott, Arie's voice is a mix of neo-soul and soul and her music enriches us with her deep lyrics, and encourages female empowerment. India Arie is still going strong in the music industry today, and hopefully continuing to do so for years to come
  5. Teena Marie. Known as White Chocolate, this woman can keep up with the rest of famous soul singers in her prime. Discovered by funk singer Rick James, she received recognition in the R8B community with her soulful and the ability to tear up the music stage.
  6. Gladys Knight. Before her solo debut, she held her own as the lead singer of the group, Gladys Knight & the Pips in the 1970s. Since then, she became one of the most successful soulful female singers in the world giving back-to-back hits for fans everywhere.
  7. Chaka Khan. If there is anyone to bring shivers down your spine, Chaka Khan is the singer who comes to mind, She has impeccable powerful voice which is proven in the hit song, 'I'm Every Woman'. Her voice is untouchable and deserves to be among the female soul singers.
  8. Whitney Houston. Started off as a gospel singer, Whitney Houston transformed into pop-R&B music, yet still maintains her soulful, gospel roots in her beautiful, incredible voice. Regardless some of the setbacks in her personal life, she still reign one of the best female soul singers of all time.
  9. Diana Ross. A diva in her own right, Ms. Ross was Motown’s sweetheart and is one of the top five soul singers from the past and in the present. Her music influence many young ladies since her mark in the entertainment world, delivering a calm voice that is easy on the ears.
  10. Aretha Franklin. Aretha Franklin is the ultimate Queen of Soul who set the bar high and defines R&B and soul until this day. Franklin’s voice is unarguably the best as she brings not only powerful range, but also emotions to her songs.
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