10 Best Female Track Athletes

The 10 best female track athletes were incredibly fast, unstoppable and not to mention smoking hot! These top athletes set records, won medals at the Olympics and were the best in their field. You will recognize a few of the names if you watch the sport of track and field.

  1. Wilma Rudolf. She was the very first American female athlete to win three Olympic gold medals in track and field competition in a single Olympic game. This puts her at the head of the pack as one of the 10 best female track athletes of all time.
  2. Jackie Joyner-Kersee. She qualified and participated not just in one but in four consecutive Olympic games. Amazing feat for any athlete. In the end she won three gold medals, one silver medal and two bronze medals in the Olympic games.
  3. Babe Didrikson Zaharias. She competed in the Olympics back in 1932 and won two gold medals and one silver medal. That’s just the beginning; this multitalented athlete went on to play golf and won 31 LPGA titles. She’s not just a top ten female track star she’s one of the best female athletes ever!
  4. Florence Grifford Joyner. True Olympic champion she would go on to win three gold medals and two silver medals over two consecutive Olympic games. “Flo-Jo” was named as the fastest woman alive when she broke world records in both the 100-meter and 200-meter dash.
  5. Joan Benoit. It wasn’t until the 1984 Olympic games in which women were allowed to run a marathon. Joan won the gold medal making history and this list as well as one of the ten best female track athletes.
  6. Fanny Blankers-Koen. Dubbed as the “flying Dutchman” she was the first woman to win four gold Olympic medals in a single game. Her most crowing moment was when legendary track star Jesse Owens asked for her autograph.
  7. Mary Decker Slaney. While long distance running isn’t as glamorous as the fast paced sprints, Mary went on to break 36 US records and 17 world records. Try to catch her she’s hit the record books and is absolutely one of the ten top female track stars ever.
  8. Wyomia Tyrus. While her name isn’t recognizable her accomplishments are. She’s the first athlete to win the 100-meter dash in two consecutive Olympics. Fastest woman alive back in 1964 and 1968.
  9. Marion Jones. Who could forget this hot sexy female track star who won three gold medals and two bronze medals in a single Olympic game. However, later in time scandal disqualified her medal honors. No matter, she’ll always remain as one of the best track female athletes ever.
  10. Lynn Jennings. She won the cross-country national title nine times and winner of 39 US championships.  She also won three world championships.

These women were strong when strong wasn’t fashionable. They were faster than thought humanly possible. When it was perceived a woman did not have the endurance to run a long distance race like the marathon they shattered that ideology. These 10 best female track athletes broke records and are forever embedded in history.

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