10 Best Field Hockey Players Ever

Wondering who the 10 best field hockey players ever are? Wonder no more for in this list are the people you are looking for. They may not be as famous as athletes on other sports but for a filed hockey fanatic, these names will surely ring a bell.

  1. Fergus Kavanagh:  A midfielder from the Australian Hockey League, Kavanagh is one of the best field hockey players ever. He became a big star in 2008 when he helped in Australia’s victory during the Championship Trophy in Rotterdam and when he joined the Olympic Games in Beijing, China where their team placed third.
  2. Kiel Brownn  In 2007, one of the best field hockey players made his international debut when he played for Australia against the Netherlands team. After an incredible game, he made his way to the 2008 Olympics in Beijing, and since then, he became well-known for his field hockey skills.
  3. Tobias Hauke:  Hauke was only twenty years old when he became a field hockey star, joining the 2008 Olympic Games. He comes from a family of hockey players, where he started playing at the age of sixteen for the Harvestehuder THC in Hamburg. He joined the German team wherein he is one of the team’s best midfielders.
  4. Philip Witte:  Witte is a gifted forward for the German team, making his international debut in 2005 in a match against India. After his debut, he joined in several other games such as the 2007 European Championships and the 2008 Olympics in Sydney. In 2008, he won the EuroHockey League award.
  5. Max Weinhold:  Weinhold began playing internationally in 2003 but he became recognized a few years after that. To this date, he is a treasure to the German team, being their best goalkeeper. He joined the 2007 Champions Trophy where Germany won a gold and the 2008 Olympic Games, the team’s first Olympic title after sixteen years.
  6. James Tindall:  Tindall is truly a gem for the Great Britain Hockey Team being the sharpshooting forward. This started in 2006 during the World Cup and Commonwealth Games wherein he was named as the United Kingdom Hockey Writer’s Player of the Year.
  7. Simon Mantell:  During a match against Ireland in 2005, Mantell made his international debut for field hockey. He finished fifth during the 2008 Olympic Games in Beijing and helped his team win the 2008 Olympic  Qualifying Tournament against India. He is one of the best players of the team, a dangerous forward that their opponents should look out for.
  8. Ronald Brouwer:  After scoring seven goals in five games, Brouwer was named as the MVP during the 2000 European U21 Championships. After his skills were recognized, he was then asked to join the Dutch senior team where they won the Champions Trophy gold for three years: 2002, 2003 and 2006.
  9. Timme Hoyng:  A field hockey player and a professional photographer, Hoyng is also one of the field hockey players who are considered as the best. He made his debut in 2000 but was only able to join the Olympic Games in 2008. Nevertheless, his records are impeccable, being a member of the winning team for several years.
  10. Ramón Alegre:  From Spain comes one of the best field hockey players ever, making his debut in 2000. He was one of the leaders for their teams winning during the 2004 Champions Trophy and the 2005 European Championship. He also joined in two Olympic Games, and is notable for winning silver in 2008.
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