10 Best Fighting Flash Games

The ten best fighting Flash games will keep you busy for hours. Flash games are a type of online game that you can play on your computer as long as you have an Internet connection. Some of these games can be played with multiple players who span across the Internet in different places The ten best fighting Flash games utilize the latest in online gaming technology.

  1. "Anime Smash Beta" This is one of the best fighting Flash Games because of who is doing the fighting. You will be able to do some extreme moves using all female anime characters.
  2. "Dragon Fist 3: Age of the Warrior" This fighting Flash game features a more traditional fighting style. You will be playing a classic warrior and engaging in battle with nunchucks and swords.
  3. "Crazy Flasher 2" The animation might not be as great in this fighting Flash game, but that doesn’t mean it’s not one of the best. Enjoy fighting old school, attacking with jump and kick moves, guns and special attacks.
  4. "Naruto: Ultimate Battle" With plenty of options to choose from, this fighting Flash game can’t be missed. One of the best parts is the three secret characters that can be revealed at any time.
  5. "Angel Fighters" This is another one of the best fighting Flash games that features an all female cast of players. You’ll actually be playing and competing with angel babes. Enjoy!
  6. "Joe da Punch" The fighter, Joe, might seem a little cocky, but this fighting Flash game comes to life even more when played by players with great skill. If you don’t have skill, Joe will die.
  7. "Age of War 2" There’s definitely a lot of fighting in this Flash game, but you need to have a lot of strategy, as well. As you destroy your opponents with fighting, you also need to strategize to defend your territory.
  8. "Final Slam" You will definitely be surprised at how complicated this fighting Flash game is when you get a look at the graphics. However, you will need to practice a lot to master the moves.
  9. "Jingle Ballistics" This is one of the best fighting Flash games mainly because of the theme. You’ll be playing and fighting classic Christmas characters, including elves, Frosty and Santa Claus himself.
  10. "Epic Battle Fantasy" Fans of fantasy gamers won’t be disappointed in this fighting Flash game. It’s complete with epic battles, health points and even magic potions.
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