10 Best Fighting Games On PSP

The 10 best fighting games on PSP offer hours of handheld entertainment. Grab one of these titles if you’re looking for a good distraction from homework, chores and classroom lectures.

  1. “Dissidia: Final Fantasy.” Fans of the “Final Fantasy” series rejoiced when this fighting game for PSP appeared in stores. The game allows players to duel as their favorite “Final Fantasy” heroes and villains.
  2. “Tekken: Dark Resurrection.” The “Tekken” series left an impressive bruise on the Sony’s portable system. This fighting comes with numerous characters, such as Steve Fox and Eddy Gordo, and a wide variety of modes to battle through.
  3. “Power Stone Collection.” The “Power Stone” series, fighting games that allowed multiple players to battle in interactive environments, debuted on Sega’s Dreamcast console. Unfortunately, the series didn’t stir much noise afterward. “Power Stone Collection” allows you to revisit the unique game series. 
  4. “Street Fighter Alpha 3 Max.” The well-known “Street Fighter” series couldn’t resist making an appearance on PSP. This fighting game sports around 40 characters for you to master in the arena. That should keep you busy for a while. 
  5. “Darkstalkers Chronicle: The Chaos Tower.” Capcom developed and published this stylish fighting game for the PSP. The colorful characters, who are based on a variety of ghouls and monsters, make this game stand out.
  6. “Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus.” Here’s another PSP fighting game that features an eclectic cast of characters. Spend some time getting familiar with the fighters and their flashy attacks.
  7. “Tales of VS.” This fighting game for PSP allows you duel as 35 main characters from Namco Bandai’s “Tales” series. The game also features a mini-game mode called “Tales of Wallbreaker.”
  8. “SoulCalibur: Broken Destiny.” The popular “SoulCalibur” series finally goes portable with this fighting game on the PSP. Like past “SoulCalibur” games, this “Broken Destiny” features an option to create your own fighter.
  9. “WWE SmackDown vs. Raw 2010” This fighting game allows you to take on opponents in the wrestling ring. Over 60 superstar wrestlers, such as John Cena and Randy Orton, are included in the roster. 
  10. “BlazBlue: Calamity Trigger Portable.” This installment of the “BlazBlue” may not sport a huge roster of characters, but the fighters are eccentric and well designed. Enjoy experimenting with the flashy moves and combos in this PSP fighting game by ARC System Works. 
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