10 Best Figure Skater Butts

Figure skaters have amazing bodies, so choosing the 10 best figure skating butts is no easy task. There are so many amazingly tight buns to choose from. After considerable research, our crack team has settled on the best booties in the figure skating world.

  1. Katerina Witt posed nude for Playboy in 1998.  It was the first issue to sell out since the one featuring Marylin Monroe.  I doesn't get any better than that.
  2. Oksana Baiul, Ukranian bombshell and Olympic gold medalist has been known to take a walk on the wild side.  We certainly don't mind following her, the rear view is gorgeous.
  3. Kristi Yamaguchi rose above the competition to win Olympic gold in 1992, and the Dancing with the Stars mirrored disco ball in 2008.  She can shake her booty at us anytime.
  4. Tonya Harding is the figure skating name that everyone knows. She was the first U.S. woman to land the triple axel in competition and her notorious antics made the whole world want to give her a spanking.
  5. When Olympic silver medalist Sasha Cohen appeared in Blades of Glory, we were looking at her buns of steel.
  6. Jamie Sale, has multiple gold medals in pairs skating. Her Olympic gold win might have been controversial, but no one is debating the merits of her backside .
  7. Tanith Belbin may have won the Olympic silver, but that booty is pure gold. She makes ice dancing hot!
  8. Michelle Kwan became America's sweetheart with her elegant skating.  This two time Olympic medalist looks amazing coming and going.
  9. 2009 U.S. national champion Alissa Czisny sizzles with her bootylicious curves.
  10. Kim Yu-Na was the first winter Olympic gold winner ever for South Korea.  Her grace and athleticism put her ahead of the pack, but we'd rather see her from behind.
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