10 Best Film Cameras

Considering giving one of the 10 best film camera's for Christmas?  Here is a list of the cream of the crop.  No need to look any further.  These have been looked over by the best and appear to be the top 10 in cost and customer satisfaction.  Settle back in your chaise lounge; take a sip of your best latte and just pick from one of these little beauties:

  1. Holga 120WPC Camera.  This is a Holga Wide Angle Pin Hole 120mm Film Medium Format Camera.  Like almost any Holga, the name is synonymous with dependability and quality.  The camera requires very little light.  The quality is exceptional.  Both professionals and beginners stand by the Holga name.  The Holga 120 has a wide angle Panoramic view. 
  2. Kodak Advantix C750 APS Date Camera has an advanced 2.5x zoom lens Flip Flash Plus and Auto Focus Panoramic view. The Advantix uses 200 speed or 400 speed film.   Customers say it gives the sharpest pictures found in this camera group. 
  3. Polaroid Spectra 1200si Film Camera for the person who is camera illiterate.  The Polaroid Spectra is called the talking camera by some.  It beeps when the image is too close meaning 'Move back. You're too close.'
  4. Lomo Holga 120 N Medium Format Film Camera for the beginning camera fanatic.  This is the perfect camera for the art photographer.  It's lightweight, nice somewhat like a toy camera.  For the person who wants to begin with the film camera or wishes to use rolls of film, the Holga 120 N Medium is perfect.  It uses 120 film.
  5. Fuji instax mini 7s Film Camera is a beauty.  This camera is available in a selection of colors such as red, white, blue, black and green.   The camera is perfect for the little lady who loves a 'choice of colors'. Just point and shoot.  It has a fixed focus without a zoom lens and requires four 'AA' batteries and uses Instax Mini instant film.
  6. Lomography Camera Diana F+ Edelweiss (554) Shutter speeds for daytime to nighttime (N to B) with multiple and partial Exposure.  Requires regular 35 mm film and is available in white.  The Lomo Diana has a little device (Cable Release Adaptor) that prevents the camera from moving when snapping your picture.   
  7. Vivitar V3800N SLR Multi Exposure Camera with 50/1.7 Lens is the must have camera with multi exposure capability, split image focusing, a film speed range of ISO 25 to 3200 and self timer with ten second delay.  Uses 35mm film.
  8. Olympus Basic Trip 600 35mm Film Camera with a point and shoot wide angle, compact, lightweight wide 35 mm lens. The trip wide angle lens can fit quite a few people into the picture making it suitable for landscape shots.
  9. Fujifilm 60 35mm Date Camera w/Zoom, point and shoot, multi flash mode, featuring the dreaded 'red eye' reduction technology. Imprints the date and time on each photo.  If left on accidentally, the camera has an auto shutoff feature for protection.
  10. Kodak Advantix C750 APS Date Camera with 2.5 zoom lens, flip flash/top flash plus, mid roll change, multi spot focus, flexible zoom feature zooms in for more intimate details and zooms right back out at a wide angle view, then allows for a pan and sweep view.  Change film at any time without loosing your pictures or focus. Use Kodak Advantix Film.
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