10 Best Films For A Break Up

The 10 best films for a break up aren't always about romance and relationships. You want to think about the best films for a break up in terms of what will make you feel better, and what's cathartic. This process is also called Cinema Therapy. Sometimes you need to see films about other people breaking up, and sometimes a good action adventure is what's needed  to take your mind off of things. Here's a compilation of some visual medicine. Take two, and call in the morning.

  1. "The Break Up". This one of the best films for a break up initially makes you think it's just another romantic comedy. It stars Jennifer Aniston and Vince Vaughn. The film does have quite a few funny moments. However, it really focuses on how deeply miscommunications and downright game playing wound both partners.
  2. "Kill Bill". This break up film is a must see. It really helps you to work out any hidden aggression you may have toward your partner via fantasy. It also puts everything in perspective. Talk about betrayal and a crazy ex. Your problems are nothing compared to Uma Thurman's.
  3. "Lord of the Rings Trilogy". This is on the best films for a break up because, quite frankly, only something truly epic is going to get your mind off of your break up. Save the world. Fight dark powers. Return the heir to the throne. Curl up with it and forget about the mundane.
  4. "Paranormal Activity". Nothing like a good ghost story for scaring the blues right out of you.
  5. "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory". This is one of the best films for a break up because when you're hurting, sometimes you need to go back to the wonders of childhood. It's filled with entertaining Oompa Loompa's, candy and an eccentric, but strangely relatable, recluse.
  6. "Woodstock". The documentary version of that epic music festival puts you right in the action. Music is an essential balm for the soul, and this one is stuffed with tons of great live music. Also, watching a bunch of people stoned out of their minds and dancing naked will put a smile on your face.
  7. "What the Bleep Do We Know?". This is one of the best films for a break up because it will drench your mind in a good dose of quantum theory. It's told in laymen's terms, and pushes your ideas of what's possible to the limit. In addition, it covers the reasons why we choose to have certain experiences repeatedly throughout life.
  8. "Eat, Pray, Love". A list of the best films for a break up wouldn't be complete without this one. It tells of the benefits, and challenges, of taking your own life to the next level after a break up. It follows the process of redefining, or rediscovering, yourself. Ultimately, there is the peace, humor and the ability to let it go.
  9. "Diary of a Mad Black Woman". This film has the insightful, gun slinging, funny grandmother named Madea in it. It's about someone working to get over a devastating betrayal and divorce. Madea throws some fun and wisdom into the story. She says and does all the things you want to do sometimes, like taking a chainsaw to that cheater's grand piano. The film keeps it real, though. It can be ugly, yet it shows in the end that the world moves on, and love comes again.
  10. "Fight Club". This is the best of the best films for a break up. Your sorrow gets distracted by this trippy story. You vicariously work out any anger you may be feeling. There's also a love story. A really dysfunctional love story, but hey, if they can work it out, maybe you can, too.

-Karen Alexander

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