10 Best Films With Sex Scenes

Spending the afternoon coming up with a list of 10 best films with sex scenes is a great way to kill time. Everyone has one, whether they want to admit it or not. From the classics to the newest releases, sex scenes in film are an obsession with some in Hollywood to see who can top the last one and be crowned the best (although topping the travesty of “Showgirls” really is going to take some work). Here is a list of some of the best sex scenes we’ve seen in film.

  1. "Unfaithful" (2002). Diane Lane plays a married woman whose affair with a much younger man (Oliver Martinez) winds up turning into sexual obsession. In one of the bets sex scenes in the film, she attempts to end the affair, storms out of his apartment only to be overcome by her lust as follows her to the staircase and virtually tears her clothes off as she’s practically panting with desire.
  2. "Showgirls" (1995). Considered by critics and fans alike as one of the worst films with sex scenes ever made. The writer, director and star saw their respective careers virtually destroyed after the film’s release. Now considered a cult classic for its-so-bad-its-good premise, it features a sex scene between stars Elizabeth Berkley and Kyle MacLachlan so unintentionally campy, even porn stars laugh when they watch it.
  3. "Bound" (1996). Not only is “Bound” a great film, it has one of the best sex scenes between two women in recent memory. That’s because the directors admitted they didn’t know how to film a realistic one, so they hired sex advice author and columnist Susie Bright to help choreograph the seduction scene between Gershon and Tily.
  4. "9 Songs" (2004). Not many people outside of the art-house scene have heard of it, which is shocking considering this film has some of the best sex scenes of the decade. Why? There were rumors that the stars were actually having sex during their love scenes. What makes this film different is that they admitted that it was true.
  5. "Love and Other Disasters" (2010). The most recent entry on the list reunites two of the stars of another controversial film, “Brokeback Mountain”, Anne Hathaway and Jake Gyllenhaal. It tells the story of a drug representative and a patient he meets and seduces. One of the many sex scenes in this film is the one they have in the kitchen.
  6. "Brokeback Mountain" (2005). One of the last films released while Heath Ledger was alive is also considered his greatest performance. This film also has a powerful sex scene with costar Jake Gyllenhaal, when they discover for the first time how attracted they are to one another. The scene was so powerful that it got the film banned in China, where homosexuality is considered a taboo subject.
  7. "Wild Orchid" (1989). Mickey Rourke tried to catch lightning in a bottle twice by doing following up his erotic hit “9 1/2 Weeks” with another erotic thriller, but this time with his real-life girlfriend, Carrie Otis. Rumors circulated after the film’s release that the sex scenes were real, although both stars denied it.
  8. "The Postman Always Rings Twice" (1981). In this remake to the 1946 classic, there is a great sex scene in the film where Nicholson’s drifter character finally has had enough of Lange’s sexual teasing, so he takes her right on the kitchen table as she’s trying to bake a pie.
  9. "Secretary" (2002). This movie tells the story of a secretary and her boss who enter into a consensual BDSM relationship. However, the best sex scene in the film involves only Maggie Gyllenhaal’s character after she is reprimanded by numerous spelling errors by her boss. She is so turned on by the reprimand that she excuses herself to go masturbate in the bathroom.
  10. "Monster’s Ball" (2001). Halle Berry won an Oscar for her work in this film, but the only thing most guys remember is Berry getting screwed doggystyle by a couch while she grunts in semi-satisfaction. One of the best sex scenes in the film and of the year.
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