10 Best First Anniversary Gift Ideas For Wife

Hey, it is okay to admit that you need help finding the 10 best first anniversary gift ideas for your wife. Not every guy is great at buying anniversary gifts for his wife, and first year anniversaries are particularly hard. You want to get something nice that shows that you love her, but at the same time you may be on a tight budget or just have no clue as to what to get. When you are facing these dilemmas, it is important to remember that romance is the key. This list of the 10 best first year anniversary gifts for your wife will certainly help you along your way. 

  1. Keep in mind that first year anniversaries traditionally follow a paper theme. While this may not seem too exciting, you can do a lot creative things with this theme. A framed picture of the two of you, a romantic book, a collage of pictures, a series of love letters and notes or a painting are just some of the gift ideas that you can pursue for your wife.
  2. Also, following along with the whole paper theme, consider writing your wife a love poem or a short story. This is a great way to show your love and affection, and it comes from the heart.
  3. A more modern approach to first year anniversary gift ideas is giving a clock or other timepiece. This has become very common because it is supposed to represent the eternal love you have for your wife. Crystal clocks, pocket watches, pendant time pieces or traditional watches can all make appropriate gifts.
  4. A trip to the spa is another great first anniversary gift idea. You wife will love the idea of being pampered and spoiled on your first anniversary!
  5. A weekend getaway can have a great romantic effect. It does not have to be anything extra expensive or exotic. In fact, you can reserve a room in a local hotel.  Just the simple act of being away and together can ignite a romantic spark.
  6. Jewelry. Women love jewelry, so you really cannot go wrong. A necklace, bracelet, earrings or ring for her other hand are all appropriate for first year anniversaries.
  7. Take her on a romantic night out on the town. You do not actually have to get her a gift; you can just plan a special evening out. However, you must make sure that it is special. A simple dinner and movie will not do. So make reservations at that upscale restaurant, or score tickets the big show. Just make it special.
  8. Go on a second honeymoon. If you are not limited by time or budget, then take your wife on a week-long trip to a tropical or otherwise exotic paradise. This will certainly make her smile.
  9. Recreate your first date. This is a great anniversary idea because it will show your wife how well you remember your past. Take her to the same places that you went to on that first date oh so many years ago.
  10. Perfumes, flowers and chocolates. These are time-tested gifts that are always appropriate. Whether it is your first year anniversary or your 50th, she will just love the effort.
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