10 Best First Anniversary Paper Gifts

The 10 best first anniversary paper gifts are sometimes gifts you wouldn’t have thought to give. According to the marriage and anniversary rules, an age old tradition of what to give your husband or wife on certain years of marriage, paper is the first anniversary gift. You can get as creative as you would like, and make it more personal as well for your husband or wife.

  1. Pictures. Pictures are one of the best first anniversary paper gifts to give since you can give her the memories you shared together. Put them in picture frames or even in a nice picture album to personalize the pictures more.
  2. Scrapbook. Scrapbooks are a good gift idea since you can make the scrapbook look however you would like it too, and personalize each and every page with decorations, colors, and pictures of the two of you together.
  3. Tickets. Tickets to a favorite game or show are one of the best first anniversary paper gifts to give because not only do they get the tickets, but they also get the event that the tickets are too as well. Make it a date night.
  4. Homemade coupons. Homemade coupons are great for making gifts for her through coupons. You can put down a bunch of things that you will do for her, and she can use the coupons for those things.
  5. Books. Books are another best first anniversary paper gift to give since you can choose any book or magazine that they might like to read. This gives them something to do, while also giving you a paper gift to give.
  6. Love letter in a bottle. A love letter in a bottle is one of the best first anniversary paper gifts because you can write your own love letter and stick it in a bottle for added personalization. It also shows that you care, and want to do something romantic for her.
  7. Calendar. A calendar is a more common gift to give, but you can personalize them to add your pictures of each other and also add the important dates that you will want to remember for her.
  8. Journal. Create the first journal entry, and let her fill in the rest. Choose a color that she will love, and personalize it with stickers and decorations. This is one of the best first anniversary paper gifts on the list.
  9. Board games. Board games are fun to play, and you can play together whenever you would like which gives you a date night on top of an actual gift.
  10. Stationary. Stationary will allow her to write to her heart’s desire to whoever she would like. Add a personalized message of your own to the pile, and give her a gift to remember. 
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