10 Best First Date Gift Ideas

These 10 best first date gift ideas include simple, inexpensive items that are long on sentiment and short on cost. A first date gift is a nice way for the asker to present something to askee to thank her for taking time to get to know you. Sound weird? Think about it. A date is a time to explore like interests and if someone doesn't want to take the time to do so, you'll never know if you're a good match. A simple first date gift gives just the right impression of courtesy, but hopeful expectation. Buying something large and expensive is out of line until you're sure the date is a keeper. 

  1. Single flower. Pick a colored flower for your mood. Red is for love. Yellow for friendship. White is for purity. You get the idea. 
  2. Single cupcake. One boxed cupcake with interesting decorations is a fine best first date gift idea. Match the color of the cake to your mood. See color meanings under the flower section above. 
  3. Small box of candy. Handmade chocolates or unusual sweets are a classic first date gift. If the date is sailing, pick up some salt water taffy. If you want to get lucky after dinner, try chocolate-covered strawberries. 
  4. Small stuffed animal. This is only appropriate if you're sure your date is a stuffed animal kind of person. 
  5. Appropriate toy. Get your mind out of the toy gutter. A first date toy is something small that reminds the date of the place you first met and asked for a date. If you meet the person online, a mini computer might be a gift. If you met at a bar and you both went out to look at the stars on the patio at the bar, a key ring with a small telescope might be fun. Don't get overly sentimental here; it looks too creepy. Keep it light. 
  6. Bottle of wine. Select a nice bottle of wine for a first date gift idea. Bring some cheese or crackers if the date is a casual afternoon or evening around the house. 
  7. Something for the ride. If the date requires a drive or a taxi ride and the weather is cold, then bring a small blanket. If it's hot, bring a cool drink for the drive. For a really long drive to someplace special, buy or make a snack box for the drive. If you're not creative, go to a caterer and have something made. Make sure the box has a napkin and eating utensils. You're going for class here. 
  8. Photograph. This is actually something sent to the date after the actual event. During the date, take a few photos and have someone take a photo of both of you together. If the date went really well and you're sure your date is really into you, send a printed photo and a note saying how much fun you had. Don't ask for another date at the time, allow a bit of time to pass. You don't want to appear to be a stalker. Pick an image of the two of you together. A photo of you would be too egotistical, in case you didn't know. 
  9. Small gift for your date's cat or dog. For an animal lover, the way to your date's heart is through their pet. Pick up a chew toy for a puppy or dog and a catnip toy for a kitten or cat. 
  10. A poem. For the true romantic and someone who really is going all out for a hottie, a handwritten poem is just the thing for a first date gift. Don't get alarmed, you don't need to write a poem. Check out a poetry book or look online for a poem that suits your mood. 
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