10 Best First Date Movies

The 10 best first date films should be something that isn't too controversial, but has some teeth to provide interest, and a list of the ten best first date movies includes some fine films and a few real dogs. While you might be tempted to test your first date with a film like "Silence of the Lambs,"  a less terrifying option would give your date a better profile of you, unless, that film is your favorite. If that's the case, don't be someone you aren't. Take her and put up with any consequences. At least you'll have a good time on the date.

  1. Soft and quiet movies, including "Freedom Writer." Soft here has nothing to do with porn, it's a movie with a soft script that is interesting, but not too compelling to overshadow the other things you'll do on the date night. Films with a message work well, as well as films covering real life events. "Freedom Writer" is a perfect choice. It's uplifting and inspiring.
  2. Films with ugly actors, including films like "Napoleon Dynamite." Why risk competition from the film on a first date. Do you really want your date dreaming of the person on the screen while you're springing for the cash for a film and dinner and coffee? 
  3. Happy movies, including "Toy Story 3." If you think your date is an animated feature fan, swing for the fence and pick a blockbuster animated movie for your first date. What kind of date wouldn't like talking toys?
  4. More happy movies, such as "Date Night." If you know your first date likes comedy, but she's not an animation fan, go for a movie like "Date Night," featuring well-known comedians and a plot line. While not a laugh-out-loud, film, it has its moments. 
  5. Short films, including "Superman IV."  Short films are always good. It give you time to do a formal activity on the first date, but still time to check out a party or have dinner without feeling like it's a marathon of togetherness. This is especially a good thing if it's not exactly Kismet going on. 
  6. Shorter shorts, "Scottish Falsetto Sock Puppets." Look for a series of short movies, like the sock puppet featurettes, where you can take in a number of 2- to 5-minute films and hit the road.  if you really like your date and want the film to be the featured event of the night, but honestly want to spend more time talking and getting to know each other, pick the shorts.
  7. Funny films, like "MacGruber." Funny is good for a first date movie. If the film is funny, you don't have to be entertaining. You can simply remind your date of a few funny scenes in the movie to put a smile on her face. 
  8. Slapstick funny film, including "Jackass 3D." If you think your new date is a rowdy girl, take her to a bawdy offering in the "Jackass" line of films. This choice could backfire if you're not careful, so do your background research on the date before you pick this film genre. 
  9. Not so funny films, such as "In and Out."  A comedy film that's not really funny is a good time to leave the movie theater early and get on with other activities that may come out of a mutual attraction, if you get the drift. If you don't drift that way, an unfunny film offers the perfect time to talk to your date. 
  10. Totally unfunny films, including "Grown Ups." This film attempts to be funny, but falls flat. Selecting a film that totally flops allows you to see how critical your date is and also a chance to see if she actually paid attention to what you did on the date. 
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