10 Best First Date Restaurants: Charlotte

Searching for the 10 best first date restaurants perfect for romance or the chance to get to know someone on a deeper level can be a challenge in most cities but not in Charlotte, North Carolina. There are various locations that can suite even the pickiest eater and still provide the laid back atmosphere that makes everyone feel comfortable. It was difficult to narrow the list just ten best first date restaurants, but it had to be done. Choose the best option based on the type of date being taken to this location.

  1. Bentley's Restaurant If you have a date with expensive taste. Serving French and American cuisine, this restaurant offers a view of the South College Street from the 27th floor. Many patrons enjoy the extensive menu and the exquisite presentation. Prices tend to range between twelve dollars and seventy dollars with a fantastic wine list. 201 South College Street, 27th Floor (704) 343-9201.
  2. The Melting Pot For the fun date craving fondue. The Melting Pot has over 50 locations available throughout the United States yet has 2 locations in Charlotte North Carolina that are quick to please. This location offers great conversation over an assortment of fondue items. Please your date with a different experience, try the fondue, find the fun, and get to know that new special someone. 230 East Harris Boulevard (704) 548-2432.
  3. Sullivan’s of Charlotte Savor the fine foods and jazz.. Awesome menu, fine steak, primo cigars: enough said. This location offers the intimate setting and the fine food anyone can afford. This is a great first date location because of the warm setting and great menu options that go far beyond just offering steak, treat your date to shrimp, and other fine dinning options on a budget. 1928 South Boulevard, Suite 200 (704) 335-8228.
  4. Mert's Heart and Soul  Heavenly food to feed the soul and save your wallet. If there is an interest in showing your date the down home cooking infamous of the south, this is the place to be. Unbeatable prices for great portions, soul inspiring cuisine, and great atmosphere for any date. This is the perfect date after seeing a movie; it's always great to enjoy homemade cornbread and a meal for fewer than eight dollars a plate. 214 North College Street (704) 342- 4222.
  5. Rock Bottom Restaurant  Enjoy spirits and a social setting for two.  This restaurant offers various choices in homemade beers and a gourmet menu at a bargain. This is the restaurant for the date that wants to relax and have a little fun while enjoying a great meal. 401 North Tyron Street, Suite 200 (704) 334-2739.
  6. Pewter Rose Bistro and Bar This offers a romantic setting for that special someone. The wine lists often steal the show as the cuisine melts just enough to touch the soul. This restaurant is more than just place for romantics but the perfect backdrop for a date that exceeds the movie and a meal genre. 1820 South Boulevard (704) 332-8149.
  7. Zebra Restaurant and Wine Bar You'll find a trip in the wild worth taking. The presentation of the food does nothing for the fantastic flavors the chef delivers. This restaurant is pricey yet worth every penny. Great location to impress someone on a first date. 4521 Sharon Road (709) 442-9525.
  8. Trio Restaurant A perfect location for dinner for two.  The menu offers healthy choices at a reasonable price. The setting allows for a comfortable backdrop to get to know your date in the evening air. 10709 McMullin Creek Highway (704) 541-8000
  9. Cajun Queen Jazz and just the right foods this location will amaze you. providing the ambience of an old mansion yet welcoming with it's live jazz session. The food is too sensational for words. 1800 East 7th Street (704) 377-9017.
  10. Hong Kong Restaurant and Bar This is a great way to end the evening of conversation. This location encloses you in a shroud of shades of red and keeps you captivated by the delicious meals offered. 1713 Central Avenue (704) 376-6818.
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