10 Best First Date Restaurants: Dallas

 The 10 Best First Date Restaurants in Dallas  can be found on this list which includes ten choices that range from casual to classy, and are sure to strike a sweet spot with your date.

  1. Snuffer's Restaurant and Bar has a few locations in the Dallas metropolitan area, including the original in Lower Greenville. The laid-back bar atmosphere is a perfect location for a casual first date, with a menu that features hamburgers, salads, chicken and their infamous cheddar fries. The Bacon Cheeseburger is a safe choice for a first-timer, and the cheddar fries are a must. They can be ordered plain, or with bacon, chives and jalapenos. With authentic bar food and prices under ten dollars, Snuffers is a great choice. Snuffer's: 3526 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX, 75206, (214) 826-6850.
  2. Campisi's is a traditional Italian restaurant with a locations in Dallas and some of the surrounding areas. Campisi's features all the traditional Italian dishes including spaghetti, ziti and lasagna, their pizza is one of the best bets. Toppings available for each pizza include sausage, salami, mushrooms, green peppers, green onions and many more. The environment of the Dallas location features candlelight and close quarters for a romantic date. Campisi's: 5610 East Mockingbird Lane, Dallas, TX, 75206, (214) 827-0355.
  3. Cafe Brazil was originally opened as a coffeehouse, but has branched out to serve breakfast, lunch and dinner. It is great for a first date because the menu has so many selections, there is truly something for everyone. One of the unique options on the menu includes Build-Your-Own-Pancakes where guests can choose toppings such as M&M's and chocolate chips for their pancakes. Cafe Brazil: 2815 Elm St., Dallas, TX, 75226, (214)747-2730.
  4. Although there are many restaurants dedicated to burritos, Freebirds in Dallas is one of the best. The restaurant itself features friendly employees and a funky design inside, and the food is just as colorful as the décor. Choose the type of tortilla, meat and toppings for each burrito. Chips and a drink can be added for just a couple dollars more, making Freebirds a great choice for a lunch or dinner date. Freebirds: 5500 Greenville Ave., Dallas, TX, 75206, (214) 265-9992.
  5. Good Mexican food is not hard to find in Texas or Dallas, but Desperados is one of the places that does it best. Fans of the restaurant refer to the tacos there as “Desperados Tacos” because of their unique taste and texture. The atmosphere is more festive and cultural compared to some of the other Mexican restaurants in the area, and the prices of the tacos and other dishes are relatively affordable for a first date. Desperados: 4818 Greenville Ave.,
    Dallas, TX, 75206, (214) 363-1850.
  6. Houston's in Dallas is on Preston Road, which is close to prime shopping and entertainment areas in the city. The restaurant itself seems like an upscale classic and fresh place, and the food is classic as well but features its own unique taste. The prices are a bit higher compared to some of the laid-back choices mentioned here, but 20 dollars for a main course is not too bad at this location. Houston's: 8300 Preston Rd., Dallas, TX, 75225, (214) 691-8991.
  7. Maggiano's Little Italy features an upscale environment that have pictures of old Italian families on the wall to make it clear that it is a close community. They have all of the typical Italian dishes, but the environment is one of the best parts of the trip. Perfect for a romantic first date. Maggiano's: 205 Northpark Ctr, Dallas, TX, 75225, (214) 360-0707.
  8. Buffalo Wild Wings offers a wide variety of bar food and wings, and Tuesday night is 50 cent wings at most locations. Buffalo Wild Wings is a good choice for a casual first date where you can relax and maybe watch a game or two while getting to know your date. Buffalo Wild Wings: 4140 Lemmon Ave., Dallas, TX, 75219, (214) 520-7067.
  9. Shogun Japanese Restaurant located just outside of Dallas in McKinney offers a unique culinary experience. Although most guests share large tables, the food is cooked right in front of your eyes and placed directly on your plate. The prices can get a little high, but Shogun is perfect for a fun and unique first date. Shogun: 1230 N Central Expy., McKinney, TX, 75069, (972) 529-9900.
  10. For a more messy first date, try Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse, located on Inwood Road in Dallas. This is a classic barbeque joint that has been around for decades and is a favorite with the locals. This is a good choice for couples who don't mind getting messy on the first date. Sonny Bryan's Smokehouse: 2202 Inwood Rd., Dallas, TX, 75235, (214) 357-7120.
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