10 Best First Date Restaurants: Nashville

Nashville has some of the best restaurants to choose from, but for a first date, you’ll want to choose one of the 10 best first date restaurants in Nashville. Of course, you should always take your personalities and the vibe you are looking for into account.

  1. Aquarium. This restaurant feels like an underwater wonderland with its 20,000-gallon aquarium of tropical fish from all over the world. It has the freshest seafood around, and also offers steaks and salads. This is one of the top ten restaurants for a first date for a great atmosphere and great menu. 516 Opry Mills Drive (615) 514-3473
  2. Tin Angel.  Tin Angel is tucked away on the west end of Nashville off of Music Row.  The tin ceiling and dark furnishings of the restaurant make it one of the coziest. The food offerings are fresh pasta dishes, salads, and sandwiches. If you are looking for a casually romantic restaurant, this is your place. 3201 West End Avenue  (6 15) 298-3444
  3. Virago. Virago has a dark, modern feel to it. The wait staff is very attentive, and the fusion cuisine is fabulous! They are famous for their sushi and martini’s. This makes the best restaurants for a first date for a couple that enjoys a business casual experience. 1811 Division Street (615) 320-5149.
  4. South Street. South Street has a really cool oyster bar tucked away on the second floor. This area is known as the tree house, because there is literally a tree growing through the middle of the building. This is a fun place for a first date restaurant. The other fare offered is American cuisine of chicken, ribs, southern boil, and crab, to name a few. 907 20th Street, South (615) 320-5555
  5. Rainforest Café. The Rainforest Cafe is a sensory delight. This theme restaurant makes the ten best first date restaurants mainly for atmosphere. There are vividly colored live birds, waterfalls, bright aquariums, and sounds of a real rainforest. The food is good with extra large burgers and sandwiches, pasta dishes, and seafood. 353 Opry Mills Drive (615) 514-3000
  6. Nick & Rudy’s. This is one of the few locally owned steak houses in Nashville, and it is renowned for its enormous steaks and chops. It is more of a country club atmosphere with a touch of southern charm. This is a great restaurant for a for date for the table side service that is offered for Caesar salad and Banana’s Foster, which is always fun. 204 S. 21st Avenue (615) 329-8994
  7. White Trash Café. Okay, your date will have to have a sense of humor to get past the name of the place, but it is a hot spot of music executives and other well-to-do for the fun atmosphere, and the mouth watering food. It is as country in decor as the name suggests. The food consists of southern vittles, which are moderately priced. It is really a fun joint for a date restaurant. 1914 Branford Avenue (615) 383-0109
  8. Bound’ry. This is a high energy restaurant, very trendy, and an electric atmosphere. They have an extensive wine and beer list. Their entree's are very eclectic and delectable. This would be a great place for a first date if you like to go where the action is. 911 20th Ave. South (615) 321-3043
  9. F. Scott’s Restaurant Tucked away in the South Nashville area is this unexpected  restaurant with eclectic style and menu. It  has a jazz bar which is a great place to hang out and chat after a nice meal. This makes the ten best restaurants list for being a one stop date from dinner to music in a super nice atmosphere. 2210 Crestmoor Rd. (615) 269-5861
  10. The Melting Pot This is a chain restaurant, with fondue at center stage. Have a great time cooking your own dinner and dessert at your table.  This restaurant us located in the center of downtown. Special packages are available, such as romance packages, balloons, and more, if this is a very special first date. Call for details. 166 2nd Ave. North  (615) 742-4970
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