10 Best First Date Restaurants: Philadelphia

For single men in Philly, knowing where the 10 best first date restaurants in Philadelphia are can make or break your date. First dates are stressful enough without worrying about whether or not you're going to have a good meal. Take your date to any one of these places and you can almost guarantee yourself a second date (providing, of course, you don’t spend the whole time talking about your ex, or your therapist, or your mother).

  1. Zahav Food here is king and the tapas portions are perfect for sharing. It’s not an overly romantic first date restaurant spot, but the food is so good. And with such an original menu, alot of the menu items can’t be found elsewhere in the city, you’ll get points for trying something different. Zahav: 237 St. James Place, (215) 625-8800.
  2. James Food and Wine magazine loves this spot, and it’s easy to see why. Food is always perfect and it’s  definitely romantic, especially in the winter when there’s a fire going in the bar area. James: 824 South 8th Street, (215)629-4980.
  3. Amada Another tapas place, Amada was Jose Garces’ (Iron Chef winner) flagship restaurant. If your date loves Spanish food, take her here to have authentic Spanish tapas. Amada: 217 Chestnut Street, (215) 625-2450.
  4. Morimoto While on the pricier side, this first date restaurant is a must-try for sushi lovers. Iron Chef Morimoto's creations are not only beautiful to look at, they are tummy pleasers as well. Your date will appreciate your willingness to spend money and neither of you will be disappointed with your eats. Morimoto: 723 Chestnut Street, (215)413-9070.
  5. Amis Marc Vetri, a James Beard Award winner opened Amis to much fan-fare. It’s less pricey than his eponymous spot or Osteria, and the food reviews are always stellar. Your date will appreciate eating at one of the Philadelphia's hot spots. Amis: 412 South 13th Street, (215)732-2647.
  6. Xochitl Xochitl serves authentic Mexican fare that is complicated yet simple. Mexican food is great for a first date restaurant choice because it keeps the mood comfortable and relaxed. Lovers of Mexican food will want to have a meal at this intimate spot in Philadelphia's Headhouse Square. Xochitl: 408 South 2nd Street, (215)238-7280.
  7. Bindi Delicious, authentic yet accessible Indian food is what you’ll find at this intimate bistro in Midtown Village. Ethnic restaurants are always great for first date restaurants because they tend to be more lively and inviting than your regular run-of-the-mill five star fine-dining, white table-clothed establishment. Bindi: 105 South 13th Street, (215)922-6061.
  8. Supper Some of the best food on South Street is always being served at Supper. You’ll have a laid-back yet perfect meal to frame your getting-to-know-each-other first date conversation. Supper: 926 South Street, (215)592-8180.
  9. Blackfish  Everything about Blackfish is simplicity itself – the food, the ambience, the decoration. Perfect for a first date restaurant because everything about it makes for a romantic dinner a deux. Blackfish: 119 Fayette Street, (610)397-0888.
  10. Tinto  Another Jose Garces restaurant, Tinto serves food Basque-themed food so there’s more of a focus on seafood than what can be found at Amada. There’s also an excellent array of Spanish wines here. Tinto: 116 South 20th Street, (215)665-9150.
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