10 Best First Date Restaurants: Sacramento

Looking for the 10 best first date restaurants: Sacramento? Sacramento, California is a place that welcomes outsiders and sure knows how to have a good time. Some of the best restaurants can be found in Sacramento that best set the mood for that great special date no matter what your personality or food preference. Here are the 10 best first date restaurants in Sacramento. 

  1. Ink Eats & Drinks. Lets face it, the world of tattooing has been becoming more widely accepted by society in the past couple years. Why bring up tattoos when talking about restaurants you might ask. Well because this just isn't any regular restaurant. If you and your date love tattoos and some great food then Ink is the place for you. This restaurant not only has some of the best food in town, but also some of the best tattoo artwork decor around. Those reasons together is why Ink is number one on the ten best first date restaurants in Sacramento. Ink Eats & Drinks: 2730 N St. Sacramento, CA. 95816.
  2. Fat City. This awesome high class restaurant has something for everyone. Located in the heart of Old Sacramento, this place is sure to be an impressive first date restaurant to anyone you take out. Fat City: 1001 Front St. Sacramento, CA. 95814.
  3. Rio City Cafe. A beautiful high class restaurant with an amazing view of the Sacramento River while dining on the back patio. This is definitely a restaurant for a first date in Sacramento that will have her coming back for more. Rio City Cafe: 1110 Front St. Sacramento, CA. 95814.
  4. Pilothouse Restaurant. This amazing restaurant is unique in the sense that it is located on a river boat on the Sacramento River. The boat itself is permanently docked and offers the elegance and class that a memorable first date deserves. Pilothouse Restaurant: 1000 Front St. Sacramento, CA. 95814
  5. Firehouse Restaurant. This restaurant has won several admirable awards for its amazing menu and service. This is a first date restaurant that should not be overlooked. Firehouse Restaurant: 1112 2nd St. Sacramento, CA. 95814.
  6. La Terraza Mexican Restaurant. This classy Mexican restaurant is one that is sure to spice up any first date, no matter how bad the chemistry might be. The food will have the both of you leaving full and happy with the prices and the quality of food and service. La Terraza Mexican Restaurant: 1027 2nd St. Sacramento, CA. 95814.
  7. The Broiler Steakhouse. This amazing steakhouse has been in business since 1950, and with that sort of experience under their belt, you can be sure to receive some of the best cuts of meat in the state. For the brandy connoisseurs out there, you will be happy to hear that this particular steakhouse stocks over 20 different types of distillations of brandies to sample. This is truly one of the best first date restaurants in the Sacramento area. The Broiler Steakhouse: 1201 K St. Sacramento, CA. 95814.
  8. The Tower Cafe. This one of a kind restaurant is an amazing first date restaurant which is set apart by it's exotic menu items and stellar service. They have everything from Parisian and Malaysian chicken sandwiches to Thai green curry. There world flavors are sure to please and be the perfect fit for any first date. The Tower Cafe: 1518 Broadway Sacramento, CA. 95818.
  9. Blue Cue. This bar and grill sets the type of atmosphere that is sure to allow the wild side to come out in any first date. Blue Cue has a full bar with some of the best pub foods in Sacramento. They have everything from classic sandwiches, amazing pizzas, and finger licking appetizers. If you don't have a great time on a first date at this place, then you need to check your pulse. Blue Cue: 1004 28th St. Sacramento, CA. 95816.
  10. Esquire Grill. This amazing restaurant has some of the best twists on American favorites that are sure to have you come back for more. Esquire has everything from pasta and steaks to sandwiches, salads and soups. Great first date restaurant. Esquire Grill: 1213 K St. Sacramento, CA. 95814
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