10 Best First Date Restaurants: Seattle

Travel across continents right here in Seattle with these 10 best first date restaurants in Seattle. From exotic Morocco, to renaissance Italy, or modern France, lend your first date the magic of another place, the illusion of discovering each other just as you discover another slice of the globe—and something new about your home.

  1. Wild Ginger.  With an ambiance of modern elegance, this chic Thai retreat will sweep you into a dream date, with unique flavors you have tasted nowhere else and cocktails that will tease your palate. One of Seattle’s finest Thai restaurants, Wild Ginger embodies fine dining that does not break the bank. This best first date restaurant is located at 1401 Third Ave. Seattle, WA 98101. Reservations recommended:  (206) 623-4450.
  2. Kasbah. Take a magic carpet to Persia for authentic Moroccan cuisine beneath the glow of lanterns. Loose yourselves in the plush silk cushions, eat with your hands, laugh and enjoy the belly dancers there to sooth yours senses.  This best first date restaurant is located at 1471 NW 85th St. Seattle, WA 98117. Reservations: (206) 788-0777.
  3. Assaggio Ristorante. Romantic and quintessentially Italian, Assaggio will envelope you in the elegance and charm of the Florentine renaissance. Fine Italian fare and wines will complete the illusion that you have stepped across an Ocean onto another continent. This romantic best first date restaurant is located at 2010 4th Ave. Seattle, WA 98121. Reservations: (206) 441-1399.
  4. Chez Shea. One of Seattle’s finest restaurants, Chez Shea has been mentioned on the television show, Frasier, in homage to its fame. With bare elegance and sunset views, this French restaurant offers exquisite cuisine that does not come cheap, and yet makes for an unforgettable evening. Open evening’s only, this best first date restaurant is located near the famous Pike Street Market, at 94 Pike St. Seattle, WA 98101. Reservations required: (206) 467-9990.
  5. Rover’s. Exquisitely elegant, Rover’s is one of Seattle’s most famous restaurants, nicknamed the Chef in the Hat. With its suburb French cuisine and Provencal atmosphere, this romantic retreat serves only the freshest and best of the Northwest. This best first date restaurant is located at 2808 E. Madison, Seattle, WA 98112. Reservations: (206) 325-7442.
  6. Brasserie Margaux. Charming and relaxed, this beautiful little Brasserie offers the best of French cuisine combined with the fresh breeze of Northwest living. Sample the Chef’s specials for the freshest fare, or savor French cuisine classics. This best first date restaurant is located at 401 Lenora St Seattle, WA 98121. Reservations: (206) 777-1990.
  7. Chinoise Café. Hidden away in the neighborhood of Queen Anne, Chinoise Café mingles elegance that is yet causal with a succulent array of oriental cuisine that serves no master, blending Pan-Asian with Vietnamese, Thai with Chinese. This best first date restaurant in Seattle is located at 12 Boston St. Seattle, WA 98109. Reservations: (206) 284-6671.
  8. Coldwater Bar and Grill. Hidden away in the elegant Westin Hotel, this intimate bar and grill serves some of Seattle’s finest seafood, enveloping you in luxury, flavor and romance. This best first date restaurant is located at 1900 5th Avenue, Seattle, WA 98101. Reservations: (206) 256-7697.
  9. Ponti. Italian flavors combine with the freshest seafood to create a new culinary experience that will refresh you with its relaxed yet charming ambiance and fine wines. This best first date restaurant is located 3014 3re Ave. Seattle, WA. 98109. Reservations: (206) 284-3000.
  10. Szmania's. Mingling German cuisine with Pacific regional fare, Szmania delivers something fresh in a colorful atmosphere of casual fun. Savor the ales and flavors as you laugh and chat the evening away. This best first date restaurant is located at 3321 W. McGraw, Seattle, WA 98199. Reservations: (206) 284-7305.
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