10 Best First Date Restaurants: Tucson

When seeking the best first date restaurants in Tucson, you are seeking that taste that will please and tempt the soul to accept the romance surrounding. Finding the best first date restaurant is sure to assist that awkward first date come right along.

  1. Acacia at St. Phillip’s. A new upscale restaurant in Tucson, AZ, this restaurant is by far the best of the best first date restaurants Tucson, AZ features. The service has been rated excellent with dishes that are as beautiful as they are delicious, offering the perfect first date experience.
  2. Agave. Spun as the Jewel in the Desert, Agave is one of the best first date restaurants in Tucson, AZ with a casino style restaurant offering fun on both sides of the restaurant with delicious seafood dishes and a beautiful décor that is sure to woo that special someone.
  3. The Bamboo Club. If you are seeking to make a great first impression, this is the place to go. As one of the best first date restaurants in Tucson because of the exotic range of dishes, this restaurant has a décor that will take your breath away.
  4. Tavolino. Tavolino is a small Italian restaurant offering the best of Italian flavors and authentic dining. you get the whole Italian experience with a bottle of wine and the feeling of a small mom and pop in Italy. Very romantic and exquisite beyond taste.
  5. Sur Real. This restaurant is very generous on portions offering the Latin experience that is sure to romance your date. With decently priced upscale dining, you can impress with the best at Sur Real.
  6. Joel’s Bistro. A small French restaurant, Joel’s Bistro is extremely charming, offering decadent French dishes and a quite romantic experience. The small restaurant is located near the University offering a small location with big taste.
  7. Korea House. Nothing helps a first date to success like rich flavors combined to create a mean worth mentioning for years to come. Korea House is one of the best first date restaurants in Tucson, as it offers a great experience that is energetic and explosive.
  8. Le Delice. A great small restaurant offering fresh sandwiches and subs with a French menu that is sure to please, this restaurant is truly one of the best first date restaurants in Tucson.
  9. Melting Pot. What better for a first date than your own fondue pot at your booth held within an elegant and intimate dining room. The menu maintains the romance with several French and European dishes making this a great first date restaurant in Tucson.
  10. Athens on 4th Avenue. A small Greek restaurant offering authentic tastes right from Greece, this restaurant offers a nice get away for that first date.

When you know where to take that special someone on the first date, you can ensure there aren’t any unforeseen taste mishaps. Finding a restaurant that offers the romantic flirt you seek can help you get past the first shaky moments.

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