10 Best First Date Restaurants: Virginia Beach

Finding the 10 best first date restaurants in Virginia Beach means that you will be sure to impress your date. A great beginning to a relationship can be damaged by choosing a restaurant that's not first date worthy. Make sure you always know where to take that first date to ensure a great evening.

  1. Tautogs Restaurant. The fresh and local seafood offers an exceptionally fresh and cultured taste. They offer excellent oyster rocks, and several specials offered daily. Found within one of the only Victorian cottages still in existence within Virginia Beach, this restaurant possesses an added charm, superb for any first date’s success. (757) 422-0081, 205 23rd Street, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451.
  2. Croakers Inc. This place has great service with exceptional value, offering a great location to enjoy an intimate meal without the long wait time. You will receive excellent service and what is claimed to be the best seafood in the area. (757) 363-2490, 3629 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA, 23455.
  3. La Marinella Trattoria. Never is there a list of the best first date restaurants in Virginia Beach without this Italian restaurant. There is even a great wine list to choose from if you are really pulling out your cards. (757) 412-0203, 2105 West Great Neck Road, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451.
  4. Vietnam Garden. Offering a change from the everyday dining, and a perfect quaint setting to get to know each other, Vietnam Garden deserves its place as one of the best first date restaurants in Virginia Beach. The meals are freshly prepared, with excellent service; this restaurant is often adored by Vietnamese customers, proving authenticity. (757) 631-8048, 2404 Virginia Beach Boulevard, VA, 23454.
  5. Zoes Restaurant. When you are seeking the best first date restaurants in Virginia Beach, this would be a great choice for wonderful food that can set off any first date. The restaurant is quite romantic in setting, and the wine you are offered will complete the perfect meal. (757) 437-3636, 713 19th Street, Virginia Beach, VA, 23451.
  6. Havana-Nimmo Parkway. For a candle lit meal, with sexy salsa music in the background, and palm trees boasted throughout, come to this place, the perfect American/ Cuban café for you. The personalized style and ambiance create one of the best first date restaurants of Virginia Beach. (757) 430-8205, Red Mill Commons, 1169 Nimmo Parkway, Virginia Beach, VA, 23456.
  7. The Painted Lady. For a truly intimate setting and a wonderfully unique experience, The Painted Lady is perfect. The setting is extraordinary with dishes that are a work of art. The setting is within two historic houses circa 1900, so you can take a short private drive to the best first date possible. (757) 622-5239, 112 E 17th Street, Norfolk, VA 23517.
  8. Deuce Mc Gees Grill. This cozy restaurant offers the most exceptional dining area for an intimate first date. This is one of the best first date restaurants of Virginia Beach thanks to the wonderfully priced and prepared meals, accompanied by a comfortable setting. (757) 481-1583, 2916 Shore Drive, Virginia Beach, VA 23451.
  9. The Cellars. This wonderfully placed restaurant offers one of the best first date restaurants of Virginia Beach with delicious food and wonderful service. The wine list is quite expansive and diverse, with a great setting for that perfect date. (757) 460-2657, 4001 Church Point Road, Virginia Beach, VA 23455.
  10. Casa Del Pasta. This rustic scene offers one of the best first date spots with an option to begin your first date early with a superior lunch. The meals are at a great price and offers an excellent Italian taste that is close to authentic.(757) 518-2600, 485 S Independence Blvd, Virginia Beach, VA 23452.
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