10 Best Flash Fighting Games

Everyone enjoys the simplicity and availability of online flash games, so here's the ten best flash fighting games ever. These games have provided the world with endless hours of fun. They've aided with even more hours of procrastination. 

  1.  ''Bullet Time Fighting.'' An action fighting game inspired by ''The Matrix'' movies. A simple enough game featuring one-on-one combat, fist fights and gunfire.
  2. ''Bushido Fighters.'' A purely simple one player flash fighting game, where the plot is nonsensical and the action is in abundance. Based on martial arts, this game has some RPG elements as well.
  3. ''Dad 'N Me.'' A strangely charming little game where father and son team up together to wreak havoc on the world. Classic side-scrolling flash fighting with endless possibilities to explore.
  4. ''Dragon Fist 2.'' Another martial arts based fighting game that is based on old kung fu movies. Simple one-on-one combat action.
  5. ''Dynasty Street.'' Stick figure fighting games never get old, and many have worked their way into most of flash fighting games. Nothing too unique about this one, but that's why it's great, because it sticks to the basics.
  6. ''Dragon Fist 3.'' The Sequel to ''Dragon Fist 2'' This game has made some obvious improvements. There are more characters to select from and the range of fighting moves is even more elaborate.
  7. ''Dadgame.'' An incredibly well done action flash fighting game based on the online animation series. Take the role of a bald father and go on a rampage through the city.
  8. ''Khronos.'' Drawing influence from the ''God of War'' franchise, this beautiful fighting game merges with ''Devil May Cry.'' The controls are very well done and the action should provide hours of fun.
  9. ''Portal Defenders.'' A game spoof of the founders of Newgrounds. This game is a semi-standard wave after wave of enemies action flash fighting game. No strategy here, just keep hammering them.
  10. ''Straw Hat Samurai.'' Probably the most original flash fighting game out there. This game makes clever use of the mouse to control a samurai as he slashes through armies to defend the land.
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