10 Best Flat Screen Televisions

You're in the market for a new flat screen television, but cannot make up your mind among the 10 best flat screen televisions. We've all been there before, and most stores display so many different flat screens that it makes picking one overwhelming. Below you will find a list of the 10 best flat screen television, to help weigh out your decision.

  1. Samsung 3D UN40C7000 LED television. This particular flat screen takes the top slot due to the fact that it is one of the first 3D HDTV's that comes packed with 3D technology. It's also featured at a price that most would be comfortable paying, when seeking out a flat screen television. With a sleek 40" LED screen, you really cannot find better, especially if you are looking into picking up a 3D HDTV.
  2. Next you have the Samsung UN32C4000 LED TV, which makes the list due to its low, low price, and the fact that the flat screen itself is a nice 32" screen, which is large enough for most mid-sized living rooms. With 720p, it's offered at a price that can't be denied.
  3. Sony Bravia's were the reason HDTV's got so much attention The Sony Bravia EX500 is no exception. This sleek 55" flat screen HDTV is sure to be a crowd pleaser in the home. With its large screen at a full 1080p, this big boy is a must, especially at it's introductory pricing.
  4. Sony Bravia NX800 is the next hot, must have HDTV. This sweet gem features one of the sleekest, and thinnest designs we've yet to come across when it comes to flat screen televisions. With a superb design, and wifi Internet ready, this HDTV takes things to the next level.
  5. Next we have the LG 47LE5400. What makes this flat screen HDTV so interesting is that its screen is a 47", which is odd, because most comes in at 46" in the 40" range. Besides an extra inch on your screen though, the LG 47LE5400 is also Internet ready.
  6. The next crowd favorite is the Panasonic-Viera, TC-P50G20. This full 1080p HDTV features a stunning 50" screen, with a stunning low price. It's the perfect pick for those of you on a budget.
  7. The SHARP Aquos LC65E77UM is the next flat screen HDTV that is dressed to impress. This enormous monster comes packed with an unheard of 65" screen, which is perfect for large rooms.
  8. The reason the Insigna Class, NS-42L550A11 This model makes it to our list of the best flat screen televisions due to the fact that the flat screen HDTV is offered at really unbeatable prices. It packs a solid high quality 42" LCD screen, with full 1080p. It's pricing is lower than most other competitor HDTV's, and is a real winner for those on a tight budget.
  9. Next is the Toshiba  55G300U. This new HDTV takes a slot on the list due to its low introductory price, and its gigantic 55" LCD screen. It also comes packed with a built in ethernet port, allowing you to take your HDTV online.
  10. Last but not least is the Samsung PN58B550T2, which is a gorgeous 58" plasma HDTV. The plasma screen on this beauty is sure to make your eyes twinkle, and the super sized screen is large enough for any sized room.
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