10 Best Flattering Pickup Lines

When trying to impress a woman, you should use the 10 best flattering pickup lines. These lines are created not to insult her, but to flatter her. You want to make sure she feels special. If you make her feel good, that will win you the date!

  1. "You are so sweet you could put Hershey’s out of business." Every woman wants to know that she is sweet. This line tells her she is sweet than chocolate. There is nothing sweeter than that. That is a very flattering pickup line.
  2. "Whenever I think of the finer things in life, I think of expensive cars, fine wine…and you." If you tell her that is considered a fine thing in your life, you are going to get major points with her. It is very sweet and flattering.
  3. "They must have been crazy to let an angel as beautiful as you out of heaven. " If you let her know that you think she is as beautiful as an angel, that is saying a lot. Making her feel like a beautiful angel will make you seem like the sweetest man. Very flattering and sweet pickup line.
  4. "Your father must have been an alien because there is nothing else like you on this earth." Every woman wants to think she is one of a kind. If you tell her there is nobody on this Earth that compares to her, she will swoon. This is something she will never forget.
  5. "You know, you might be asked to leave soon. You are making the other women look really bad." When a woman is in a room with other women, she wants to look the best. If you tell her she is making other women look bad, that is the ultimate compliment. A woman is always going to love you telling her she is more beautiful than other women.
  6. "I never believed in heaven until I saw you." This is a very sweet and flattering pickup line. Letting her know that she is so beautiful she could be a piece of Heaven is a compliment. You will leave her feeling very beautiful and flattered.
  7. "I’ve had a really bad day today but it always makes me feel better when I see a pretty girl smile. Would you smile for me?" It always makes you feel good to make someone's day better. A woman will love this pickup line. She will smile and you might even get a telephone number.
  8. "I am pressing charges against you for stealing my heart." This flattering pickup line will win over any woman. Almost every woman is looking to steal a man's heart. If you tell her that she has stolen your heart, she is going to swoon after you.
  9. "I bet the stars are envious of your eyes." All woman love compliments. No matter what feature on the body you compliment, it is going to earn you points with her. If you tell her she has beautiful eyes, she is going to love that compliment.
  10. "You are so beautiful you should be on the cover of Vogue." All women want to be so beautiful they can be on Vogue. When you tell her she should be on Vogue, she will swoon. She will be flattered at such a large compliment. That is a very flattering pick up line.
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