10 Best Fly Fishing Destinations

Here are the 10 best fly fishing destinations. Fly fishing destinations are spread out all over the globe, as this artful way of casting and hooking fish off the surface of the water works worldwide. Many destinations are better then others, based upon the accessibility of the fly fishing, the prominence of the fish themselves and the beauty of the natural environment around you. The last aspect is one of the most important parts of the fly fishing experience, immersing yourself in the natural environment and using your rod and reel to artfully hook your prey swimming just below the surface.

  1. Montana: One of the only Hollywood films which features fly fishing is called "A River Runs Through It" and it was shot in Montana. You know why? Because the majority of the state is wilderness, the fishing is incredible and the natural landscape looks like America before we criss-crossed it with highways. Regardless of if you catch anything, this is a fly fishing destination worth visiting.
  2. Florida Keys: Fly fishing in saltwater is not the first thing people think of when they are looking for a fly fishing destination, but the fly fishing in the surf off the Florida Keys will yield fisherman with some of the best results in the world. Here you'll hook massive fish like Tarpon who will put up a solid fight.
  3. Henry's Fork, Idaho: For the avid fly fisherman this destination is one of the holy grail locations, where some would argue the art of fly fishing was perfected before it was released to the world. Then again, just about every notable fishing location has a certain mythical lore associated with it. But the great fishing is all the that really matters and consistently keeps fly fisherman visiting throughout the year.
  4. Alaska: Everything's really bigger in Alaska. If you had a good fly fishing experience in Montana, Alaska will take it to the next level with incredible fly fishing destinations in both salt and freshwater along the Kenai Peninsula and Alaskan Wildlife Refuge. There is no better place to go fishing for salmon in the world.
  5. New Zealand: If you can make the flight, New Zealand is one of the premiere fly fishing destinations in the entire world, chock full of fat brown trout. As it's so hard to get to, few tourists will be there to get in your way.
  6. Amazon River, South America: The largest river in the world literally has everything, as it should, including fly fishing. Here you will catch Peacock bass and massive tilapia depending on the areas in which you cast. Sections of the Amazon running through Brazil are most ideal and the trip to this fishing destination alone will be worth it.
  7. Tierra Del Fuego, Argentina: If you're not into braving the Amazon's cougars, crocodiles or heat, head to Tierra Del Fuego in the South of Argentina to catch the brown trout that live in it's rivers and along it's coastline. These trout are bigger then most brown trout you will find fly fishing anywhere else, as they have inexplicably intense appetites.
  8. Far Eastern Russia: Right across from Alaska, or within view of Sarah Palin's house, is the Kamchatka Penninsula, which is known as one of the greatest destinations for fly fishing in the world. This is the only place that rivals Alaska for great salmon fishing, especially due to the fact that there is no one around to fly fish for them.
  9. Mongolia: Relatively undiscovered with a number of lakes and streams known for having massive fish, Mongolia is a top fly fishing destination on the planet. Careful these massive fish known as Taimen don't break your rod. They can weigh as much as 200 pounds.
  10. Seychelles: Incredibly difficult to get to, Seychelles is the premiere fly fishing destination in the world with a tropical archipelago in the Indian Ocean. The fish are so rarely fished for here that they will fight over your flies, and are massive, weighing up to 100 pounds. The trip alone will be worth it. 
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