10 Best Folk Songs About Friendship

A list of 10 best folk songs about friendship is comprised of many countries' folk songs because every country has its own folk music.  These well-loved songs are passed down from generation to generation and are enjoyed with many fond memories by those who grew up with them. Friendship is one of the main themes because folk songs often talk about this important part of a person's happy life.  How fulfilling would our lives be without our special friends?

  1. "Hava Nagila" is the most famous Israeli folk song.  "Gila" means "joy", and this song asks all brothers and sisters (friends) to wake up with a happy heart and come rejoice. This song is usually played at Jewish weddings because joy and rejoicing are a main function of such a blessed event.
  2. "Shalom Chiverim" is another Israeli favorite.  It says "shalom" to "my friends" "till we meet again".   Wishing our friends a fond farewell tops off a special evening and sends them on their way with good wishes.
  3. "Hello, How Are You, My Friends?" is a Mexican folk song taught to children.  It suggests friends play, sing away, "and then we can all say Hello".  After singing this song, the children can introduce themselves to each other and tell a little about themselves.
  4. "These Friends of Mine" tells of sharing good times together.  It is from Rosie Thomas' fourth solo album and refers to many of her famous musical friends who accompany her throughout the album.  Thomas referred to them as "my core of musical compatriots". 
  5. "Danny Boy" is one of the most popular and beautiful Irish folk songs.  It is famous throughout the world and is well-loved and sung by many ethnicities since it embodies any country's special feelings.
  6. "An Irish Lullaby (Too Ra Loo Ra Loo Ra) is a traditional folk song written in 1913.  After all, babies are also our friends!  It was also  later sung by Bing Crosby.
  7.  "It Could Be a Wonderful World" is from Pete Seeger's album, "Folk Songs for Young People.  Seeger used his five-string banjo to play most of his tunes and was dedicated to the preservation of classic folk songs from around the world, work songs, and especially children's songs.
  8. "God Bless Africa" is a South African folk song.  It asks friends to come together and stand united to strive for freedom.
  9. "The More We Get Together", sung by Jim Rule,  is a suggested friendship song for kids by Songs For Teaching.  That suggestion is understandable because the song goes on to say: "… the happier we'll be, ‘Cause your friends are my friends and my friends are your friends".
  10. "Friends – We All Need Friends" is another recommended children's song.  After all, it is the children learning folk songs, especially about friendship,  that add happiness to their lives and continue the songs for many years and generations to come. 
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