10 Best Food Aphrodisiacs

If you are looking for a way to get your special someone in the mood, try something from the list of 10 best food aphrodisiacs. As long as she is not allergic to the foods you are trying, you may be pleasantly surprised at the results. When it comes to being intimate, have the list of the ten best food aphrodisiacs never hurts.

  1. Asparagus This vegetable has two things going for it that help it make the list of the ten best food aphrodisiacs. The first is that it contains vitamin E, which is believed to increase sexual desire in men and women. The other thing asparagus has going for it is its phallic shape. Unfortunately, asparagus has also been known to cause gas.
  2. Chocolate There are many reasons why women love chocolate; it is believed that theobromine is one of those reasons. Theobromine is a stimulant that is said to cause sexual stimulation through the ingestion of chocolate. Chocolate is also said to contain enzymes that help prevent cancer. That makes it one for the list of ten best food aphrodisiacs and a cancer-prevention agent as well.
  3. Almonds The ancients regarded almonds as fertility food and that notion has carried over into modern times. While some people consider the aphrodisiac powers of almonds to be more conjecture than fact, the truth is that almonds are excellent sources of vitamin E. Since vitamin E helps increase sexual potency, almonds are definitely one of the ten best food aphrodisiacs.
  4. Figs With figs, it is all in the presentation. It still has not been proven that there is any element or chemical in figs that increase sexuality, but the fig's resemblance to a vagina can cause visual stimulation when your partner is watching you eat it. Visual stimulation makes the fig one of the ten best food aphrodisiacs.
  5. Garlic As long as you and your partner both use garlic, it can be a strong aphrodisiac. For centuries, garlic has been said to have healing powers. The heat created by garlic when you eat it can act as a good aphrodisiac.
  6. Bananas The visual aphrodisiac element of a banana is pretty obvious, but there is also some science that makes a banana one of the ten best food aphrodisiacs. Bananas contain magnesium and potassium; both of those chemicals have been strongly tied to sexual potency and desire.
  7. Pine Nuts Pine nuts work as mostly a male aphrodisiac. The zinc that is very prevalent in pine nuts can help increase male potency and also acts as a strong male aphrodisiac. Maybe some cookies with pine nuts will work.
  8. Oysters Oysters have developed the same reputation as chocolate for being a strong aphrodisiac. On the scientific side, there is the presence of zinc in oysters that make them a natural aphrodisiac, especially for men. On the visual side, there is the resemblance between an oyster and a vagina.
  9. Wine Wine, when drunk in moderation, offers an aphrodisiac effect as well as helping lower inhibitions. You need to be careful with wine if you plan on using it as an aphrodisiac though. Too much wine makes you drowsy and that is not going to help sexual stimulation.
  10. Ginger The ginger root increases circulation and creates an aphrodisiac effect when ingested. That combination can help to increase sexual potency and desire.
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