10 Best Football Catches Of All Time

There are few things in sports more exciting than the 10 best football catches of all time. One-handed grabs, diving catches, game winning touchdowns, the ten best football catches of all time come in different shapes, but all require an almost scientific degree of skill. Just ask Dr. Tim Gay, who has made a living discussing the role of physics in football.

  1. David Tyree, New York Giants. One sure way to make the list of top 10 best football catches of all time is to make a spectacular grab in the Super Bowl. This is what David Tyree did when, in Super Bowl XLII, he made a leaping fingertip catch to continue the New York Giants game winning drive in the final two minutes of the game.
  2. Santonio Holmes, Pittsburgh Steelers. Santonio Holmes guaranteed himself a spot on future top 10 best football catches of all time lists when he made the game winning catch in Super Bow XLIII. As if winning the game wasn't enough, the catch required him to dive out of bounds while keeping his toes in the end zone.
  3. Antonio Freeman, Green Bay Packers. If you want to make a top 10 best football catches of all time list, it helps to make an amazing catch in front of the large television audience on Monday Night Football. This is what Antonio Freeman did when he caught the football after it had deflected off of a defender and off of his back shoulder, all while falling to the ground of course.
  4. Franco Harris, Pittsburgh Steelers. Referred to as "The Immaculate Reception," this top 10 best football catch of all time occurred in a 1972 AFC division playoff game. The shoestring catch occurred after the ball had become dislodged from John Fuqua's hands and just before it hit the ground.
  5. Dwight Clark, San Fransisco 49ers. Chances are, if a play is nicknamed "The Catch," it is going to make the list of 10 best football catches of all time. "The Catch" refers to the game winning touchdown grab by Dwight Clark. He caught the ball thrown from Joe Montana with just 58 seconds to play.
  6. Drew Pearson, Dallas Cowboys. Fans were shocked when, in a 1975 NFC Playoff game, Roger Staubach launched a desperation Hail Mary pass and Drew Pearson somehow came down with it at the 5 yard line before scanpering into the end zone to win the game.
  7. Lynn Swann, Pittsburgh Steelers. Lynn Swann, the 4th Steeler to make this list of 10 best football catches of all time, made a miraculous diving catch in Super Bowl X. Swann dove for the ball, bobbled the ball, and still came down with it. He went on to collect 161 yards in the game.
  8. Randy Moss, Minnesota Vikings. Randy Moss took the National Football League by storm when he appeared in 1998. Arguably his most famous catch came in a game against the Dallas Cowboys. Daunte Culpepper lofted the ball into the end zone from the 35 yard line and Randy Moss showed his remarkable body control when he extended his hands to make a fingertip catch while falling out of the back of the end zone.
  9. Reggie Wayne, Indianapolis Colts. To make the list of 10 best football catches of all time, you better have great balance and hands. Reggie Wayne has both of these and he proved it against the Philadelphia Eagles when he made a one handed grab falling out of bounds while somehow managing drag his toes in bounds.
  10. Torry Holt, St. Louis Rams. Torry Holt's contribution to the 10 best football catches of all time came against the New York Giants. Holt fell down in the back of the end zone, but had enough presence of mind to keep his eye on the ball as it deflected off of a New York Giant defender and into his patient hands.
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