10 Best Football Cleats

Football cleats are different than cleats that are used for other sports, such as baseball or even soccer. Football cleats are designed to provide more support in the midsole part of the shoe area. They also allow a player to feel as though he has a more sturdy grip, as well as actually helping support the knees and feet so that turns can be made quickly without fear of injury.

The cleats themselves can be removed from the shoe on which they’re mounted; however, when one speaks of “football cleats”, it is meant to indicate the entire shoe/cleat apparatus. Further, football cleats can come in low-rise, mid-rise, or high-rise styles. The height designation refers to where on the foot the top of the shoe actually comes to. If a player needs additional ankle support, he may choose mid- or  high-rise football cleats.

Like other athletic shoes, there are different brands and types of football cleats available.

  1. Reebok NFL Pro Pump Burner Speed Low M3: Reebok is known for its high-quality footwear, and this tradition is continued in its line of football cleats. This particular model has several things going for it, including linings that repel moisture, and a footbed that has been treated to be anti-microbial. Both these features can help players avoid foot problems caused by fungi which thrives in moist environments.
  2. Reebok NFL Thorpe III AT: These football cleats have a strap device in the midfoot area that helps them to fit better. They also have features that help the shoes dry faster and feet from getting as sweaty.
  3. Reebok NFL Workhorse 3D: A neoprene bootie has been built into these football cleats. This bootie actually helps the shoes to conform to the feet for a custom fit. The cleats themselves are screw-in, for easier management.
  4. Under Armor Streak Turf Football Cleats: The same company that makes undergarments of breathable fabric also make football cleats the same way. The shoes have small openings in different parts, making it possible for air to reach the feet, thus keeping them and the player cooler.
  5. Nike Speed TD: Nike has proven it can “just do it” with football cleats. These shoes have a unique feature, called the “zero space anatomical liner” that allows for a better fit. In addition, a breathing window has been added at the ankle portion of the shoe, to allow more air to reach the player’s foot.
  6. Nike Super Speed: These football cleats are designed to be very lightweight while still providing needed traction and support. They also come with a sockliner which works with the “zero space anatomical liner” to ensure a better fit.
  7. Adidas Scorch Thrill FieldTurf Low: These football cleats are a good example of a low-rise cleat. Further, these shoes were specifically designed to play on an artificial playing turf.
  8. Adidas TS-Reggie 3 Mid D: These are mid-rise football cleats which employ a “clawing grip” technique to provide traction and stability. This helps prevent the player from slipping or falling during a game.
  9. Riddell: These football cleats almost resemble a work boot with their stitching and mid-rise design. However, they are football cleats in every sense of the word, with studs that are of varying heights to provide more stability and traction.
  10. Air Jordan 3: The Air Jordan basketball shoes lent their style and quality to football cleats with the Air Jordan 3 model. Michael Jordan fans can now show their support even though they play an entirely different sport.
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