10 Best Football Dives

The 10 best football dives were done by many great players. Some of the dives were in the NFL and some were in college. It takes a lot of skill and good timing to make the dive an effective weapon against a defense. The players on the best football dives list knew how to use the dive to get into the end zone.

  1. Gary Anderson of San Diego vs. Miami in 1986. After he caught a short pass, Anderson took off running and then jumped from just inside the Miami five yard line. He did a complete somersault in mid air and landed on his back in the end zone for a touchdown. This is possibly the best football dive in NFL history.
  2. Lynn Swann of Pittsburgh vs. Dallas in the 1976 Super Bowl. Swann caught a 53 yard pass from quarterback Terry Bradshaw that many claim is the greatest catch in Super Bowl History. Swann tipped the ball up in the air first, and then he made a diving catch.
  3. Walter Payton of Chicago vs. Buffalo in 1979. Payton was a master of diving at the goal line for a touchdown, and he had many of the best football dives in history. Against the Bills, his one-yard leap into the end zone over the defensive line won the game 7-0.
  4. John Elway of Denver vs. Green Bay in the 1998 Super Bowl. In a play that has since become known as The Helicopter, Elway scrambled and dove for a first down late in the game. While he was in the air, two Packers hit him and caused him to spin around in the air. Elway held onto the ball, and Denver ended up winning the game.
  5. Edwin Baptiste of Morgan State vs. Salem State in 2008. Baptiste had to dive backwards in the air, then reach up and snag the ball with one hand to make this spectacular catch. He still held onto the ball even after hitting the ground hard and rolling over backwards.
  6. Spencer Tillman of Oklahoma vs. Nebraska in 1983. Tillman took a handoff near the 20 yard line, ran around the left side of the defense and jumped right at the five yard line. He flew in the air and landed in the end zone for a touchdown. This was one of the best football dives in college history.
  7. Jason Sehorn of the New York Giants vs. Philadelphia in 2001. In one of the best football dives by a defensive player, Sehorn dove to intercept Donovan McNabb’s pass. He tipped the ball up in the air to himself while still on the ground, caught it and then got up and returned the interception for a touchdown.
  8. Steve Young of San Francisco vs. Minnesota in 1988. Young was trapped by the defensive line trying to throw a pass. He broke free and then ran 49 yards, stumbling the last few yards before diving into the end zone for the game winning score.
  9. Matt Davison of Nebraska vs. Missouri in 1995. With the game on the line, Davison had to dive to catch a ball that was tipped twice in the end zone. He managed to hang on to give his team the win with one of the best football dives ever.
  10. Desmond Howard of Michigan vs. Notre Dame in 1991. Howard raced around two Irish defenders, then dove for the touchdown catch in the back of the end zone. Howard’s catch helped to seal the victory for Michigan.
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