10 Best Football Hits Ever

Football is a great game and everybody should be treated to the 10 best football hits ever made.  Here's a list to enjoy between games or just to raise your testosterone level:

  1. Jack Tatum vs. Darryl Stingley. A viscous hit that some called dirty, the play paralyzed New England wide receiver Stingley. It permanently gave Tatum the reputation as a dirty player and lead to his nick name “The Assassin.” Brutal for sure, but football is a gladiator sport and there was no mercy in the Coliseum of old.
  2. Reggie Bush got knocked the “bleep” out. All Star son of Troy and over all good-looking guy, Reggie Bush, got knocked off his feet and flat onto his back by Sheldon Brown of the eagles during a playoff game his rookie season. Bush tried to get up then thought better off it and took a knee. The collision was so impressive it provoked a sports illustrated cover story about the impact of extremely hard hits in professional sports. 
  3. Bo Jackson vs. Brian Bosworth. This was a big deal because “The Boz" was the business in college football. He had terrorized the entire Big Eight conference and pursued a national title with his temperament, aggressive play, and attention getting multi-colored hair. But he was proven to be hype built on a house of cards when the Raiders’ Bo Jackson ran him over on the goalline to go in for a touchdown. It was the play at everyone talked about and ended “The Boz’s” mystique.
  4. Lawrence Taylor vs. Joe Theisman. Another brutal hit. And another un-intentional injury. The Giant’s L.T. came off the end during a regular pass rush. He charged the Redskin’s Theisman’s blindside. L.T. got around a blocker and took Theisman down hard. L.T. immediately jumped up after the tackle and waved for the trainers to come onto the field. Looking at the replay in close up, you can clearly see Theisman’s leg break and the bone protrude out of the flesh. One of the nastiest injuries you’ll ever see. A career ending injury for Theisman but no hard feelings between he and L.T. 
  5. Ronnie Lott vs The World.  You could look at any game and see that Ronnie was knocking someone out. Ronnie is also know as the guy who had one of his fingers amputated for a playoff game because he didn’t need it to do what he did best. Knock people out.
  6. Dick Butkus vs. Detroit line #88. Classic. Butkis runs this guy over with a straight forearm shiv. It is the kind of hit that made Butkus legendary and made you think he might even be strong enough to take on bear. Not the team, but a Grizzly bear.  And win!
  7. Earl Campbell vs. several Rams’ defenders. Big Earl runs over several rams defender, spearing one directly in his chest as he makes his way to the goal line.
  8. Daryl Reid vs. Chris Henry. This hit is just scary. It's why kick-off and punt returners are some of the bravest men in the business. They catch the ball and build up momentum while a guy like the Colt's Daryl Reid does his best imitation of a big rig and flat runs over the Titan's Chris Henry. One of the hardest hits you will ever see.
  9. Steve Atwater vs. Christian Okoye. A Broncos safety against Chiefs Okoye, aka “The Nigerian Nightmare.” A 260 pound running against a free safety and the back falls backward? The coaches the fans and even the legendary John Elway was impressed with that one.
  10. Sav Rocca vs. Antwan Barnes. In all fairness to the Eagle's Rocca, he's a punter and isn't really trained for this type of work. But… If your one the field expect to get knocked out. And that's just what   happened when Antwan Barnes of the Raven's hits Rocca so hard on a punt return that Rocca dropped on his back as his helmet pop right off. If you had never seen a football game before you would think Rocca's head came off.
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