10 Best Foreign Coming Of Age Movies

Curious about the 10 best foreign coming of age movies? Explore the struggles and triumphs of adolescence on foreign shores in these, the best foreign coming of age movies ever made.

  1. "Y Tu Mama Tambien" "Y Tu Mama Tambien" is without a doubt the best foreign coming of age movie.
  2. "Cinema Paradiso" This famous Italian film is both a coming of age story and a celebration of the moving image.
  3. "Ma Vie En Rose" "Ma Vie En Rose" is a Belgian film depicting the struggles of a young boy who feels that he was born in the wrong body.
  4. "Summer Storm" Sexuality and adolescent frustration are at the forefront of this film, which is undeniably the best foreign coming of age movie to come out of Germany in recent years.
  5. "Sweet Sixteen" Ken Loach’s hard-hitting film tells the story of a young man coming of age in working-class England.
  6. "This Is England" This is also the best foreign coming of age movie that that country has thus far managed to produce.
  7. "Kolya" Kolya is a Czech film about a middle-aged bachelor whose life is transformed when he is forced to look after a young Russian orphan.
  8. "Slumdog Millionaire" This Oscar-winning production is the best foreign coming of age movie to depict the struggles of life in an Indian ghetto.
  9. "Closely Watched Trains" "Closely Watched Trains" is the best coming of age movie produced in the former Czechoslovakia. It tells the tale of a young man working at a small town train station during the country’s occupation in the second world war.
  10. "An Education" With a script by esteemed novelist Nick Hornby, "An Education" is about an English schoolgirl who comes very close to screwing up her whole life, but emerges victorious.
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