10 Best Foreign Lesbian Sex Films

The best foreign lesbian sex films consist of one main idea: the women are lesbians. Duh! Not only are the sex scenes spectacular, so is the acting. These foreign lesbian sex films are timeless. 

  1. "Fire" This foreign lesbian sex film is about two married women that are getting tired of their husbands, so they have sex with each other. Both women become close friends and, as a result, you get some hot lesbian scenes. The plot of this film cannot get any better than this!
  2. "French Twist" A Spanish wife lives with her husband and kids in France when she meets a lesbian that has an unfortunate van break down. The Spanish wife is sick of her cheating husband so she decides to date women, invites the lesbian into her home and begins her own marital affairs.
  3. "Aimee and Jaguar" "Aimee and Jaguar" is a hot and romantic film taking place in Berlin, Germany. Set in the World War II era, a woman is married to a Nazi, meets a Jewish lesbian and helps her hide.
  4. "Goldfish Memory" Clara finds out her boyfriend is with another woman and Clara decides to hit up the local lesbian bar for some strange reason. Clara thinks that her heartache will be cured if she dated women and she was right! 
  5. "My Summer Love" Who says opposites do not attract? Two women are complete opposites, but they somehow are attracted to each other. The plot thickens when one of the girls is not really who she says she is. "My Summer Love" is a cute little Irish film that makes you want to sing David Cassidy songs.
  6. "Maedchen in Uniform" Made in 1931, this German foreign lesbian film involves a student and teacher in a raunchy love affair. This film was controversial for its time. It was banned all around the world until First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt lifted the ban.
  7. "Girlfriend" One of the first Bollywood movies portraying lesbianism, this 2004 love story pits two best friends in a tug-o-war. One of the girl's finds a man of her dreams. The man of her dreams becomes involved with two lesbian lovers in a deadly love triangle. 
  8. "8 Women" "8 Women" is a unique foreign lesbian sex film that blends music, comedy and mystery.  A man was murdered and each of the eight women want to know the truth of his passing. Add hot, torrid lesbian sex into the mix and you get a real barn burner!
  9. "Amour de Femme" Jeanna has a perfect marriage and family life, but her biological clock is ticking away and she wants to spice up her life. She meets a young woman at a party and enrolls in her dance class. They fall in love and we get nice sex scenes. We all win!
  10. "Heavenly Creatures" Based on actual events, English bombshel, Kate Winslet becomes involved with her best friend and they begin going on a killing spree, even killing one of the girl's mothers. Peter Jackson of "Lord of the Rings" fame directed this masterpiece of a foreign lesbian sex film.
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