10 Best Forgive And Forget Songs

With this list of the 10 best forgive and forget songs, you’ll be able to express your repentance to someone or remember how you felt in those moments you badly wanted to go back in time and undo things. Sometimes you have feelings you need to express and you just can’t find the right words, but there’s always a song that can help you tell that special person how sorry you feel for something you’ve done and how much she means to you. Enjoy this list and remember that you can always use music to express yourself.

  1. “Sugar World” by The Magnetic Fields. This song describes the feelings of someone who is in love and has done some things wrong in the relationship but who is looking for the forgiveness from that special person.
  2. “Please Forgive Me” by Bryan Adams. Sometimes you don’t have the exact words to express what you feel. That’s why you can always choose a song like “Please Forgive Me” to tell someone how you feel. This passionate song can easily make you tear up, so if you want someone to forgive you, this is definitely the right song.
  3. “I'm Still Loving You” by Kim Weston. With a sensual voice, amazing chorus, and soul, this song has definitely won a place in this ten best forgive and forget songs list.
  4. “Because I Love You” by September. This is a catchy pop song sung by a sweet voice. It’ll make you want to dance and forget about bad things in the past.
  5. “Trouble” by Coldplay. The sound of the piano in this song is incredible and so is the voice. The lyrics are also very profound, like when they sing: “a spider web and I’m caught in the middle.” Sometimes, when you’re stuck in a problem that’s difficult to get out of, you feel like you’re caught in the middle of a spider web.
  6. “One Last Breath” by Creed. This song describes what it feels like when someone’s hung onto another for a long time and how difficult it is to go on all alone. It’s also a reflection of the mistakes you may have made in the past.
  7. “So. Central Rain” by REM. This song talks about how anxious it becomes as you simply wait for a call when you know you’ve screwed thing up.
  8. "Forgive and Forget" by The Get Up Kids. This is a good punk rock song that talks about when someone needs to see the person he’s in love with and would like things to be okay. He just wants to forget what they went through in the past.
  9. “The Apology Song” by the Decemberists. The lyrics of this song are very peculiar. It talks about a man who asks to be forgiven by his friend, Steven, for having let his bicycle be stolen. Try listening to this song with a friend and you both will feel like smiling.
  10. “I Apologize” by Husker Du. With really intense chords, Husker Du presents us with this great song, “I Apologize.” It talks about when someone says things he didn’t mean to say, which leads to misunderstandings.
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