10 Best Forgiving Songs

If you have ever felt the need to forgive someone, try listening to one of the 10 best forgiving songs. Forgiveness is a behavior that is rarely seen here is a diversified list of forgiving songs:

  1. "I Forgive You" by Every Avenue shows how to ignore bitterness so that it does not consume your life. Every Avenue is telling her that he forgives her wrong actions and non-actions while together. There is no mention of anger and he is actually thanking her for the painful learning experience.
  2. September’s "Because I Love You" song expresses how she has no anger and that her love is unconditional. September shows no signs of bitterness that she endured throughout her relationship. This song is an example of how to let go of anger so that the vengeance within her cannot take over.
  3. Willie Nelson’s "Forgiving You Was Easy" acknowledges how the act of forgiveness is easy but that he cannot forget. Forgetting is how you let go of your anger and move on from the hurt feelings without a single thought of revenge. To truly forgive means to also forget and that is what Willie is singing about how he is at the point of forgiving but still cannot forget.
  4. Nick Cave sings "Love Letter" definitely shows both bitterness and sorrow. This song has words of forgiveness with a hint of anger and all he wants to do is forgive.  Nick is definitely hurting in this song and his hurt will make him become bitter if he does not learn to forgive and forget.
  5. Jeremy Camp’s song "I’ll Take You Back" is about unconditional love, which shows only forgiveness and no hurt.  Jeremy’s song never mentions revenge or bitter feelings, which is how humans are supposed to behave. This non-vengeful song is a good example of how to get over being hurt.
  6. Leann Rimes has a song called "What I Cannot Change". In this song she is expressing how she has no hurt feelings but just wants to accept what she cannot change. Leann is trying to figure out how she can let go of the hurt feelings. The fact that she wants to change so no revenge enters her heart is a great way to get pass the hurtfulness of the past.
  7. "Moving Mountains" by Usher is showing the hurt that so many people exhibit in their daily lives. Usher is trying to understand the problems of the relationship so that he does not hold onto the anger. This song is about how many people feel as their hurt turns into bitter vengeance, this song will make you want to just move on from your situation.
  8. Taylor Swift’s song "Should’ve Said No" shows the angry side of a torn relationship with signs of hurt and bitterness. Though this song does not sing about revenge, it shows that she is hurt. As Taylor sings this song, you can hear her letting go of the hurt that she felt from the relationship.
  9. Rachelle Ferrell song "I Forgive You", this song shows that though she is hurt Rachelle is willing to forgive. This song acknowledges the hurt feelings and anger with no bitterness; she is just trying to get over the situation. All Rachelle wants to do is forgive and move on with her life with no resentment.
  10. "White Horse" by Taylor Swift is hurt and confused in this song; she just wants to know how she could not have seen that her boyfriend was a cheater. Taylor is so bitter in the song that she cannot bear to listen to his explanation. There is no revenge mentioned in this song but she is definitely angry and disappointed.
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