10 Best Former NFL Players

Want to know who the 10 best former NFL football players are? One thing they all have in common is that they’re all inducted into the Football Hall of Fame. These great athletes hold records, won Super Bowls or were selected as All-Pros during their day. While the list could stretch a mile long, a few have been selected for their memorable performances on the field.

  1. Rodger Staubach, Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys: 1969-1979. “Rodger Dodger” was known for his quick step avoiding quarterback sacks, last two-minutes of the game come from behind wins and his Hail Mary passes. He led his team to win two Super Bowls and was named MVP in Super Bowl VI.
  2. Jerry Rice, Receiver for San Francisco 49ers: 1985-2000. One of the best former NFL football receivers of all time. Rice led the NFL in receiving yardage and touchdown catches for six years. Super Bowl XXIII MVP and in thirteen Pro Bowls this man’s got game!
  3. Tony Dorsett, Running back for Dallas Cowboys: 1977-1987. This Heisman trophy winner ran 99-yards for a touchdown. Seriously, Tony started at the one-yard line against Minnesota. Absolutely historic run for touchdown. Tony has two Super Bowl wins and played in four Pro Bowls.
  4. Joe Montana, Quarterback for San Francisco 49ers: 1979-1992. Joe’s one of the best former NFL football players because he led his team to four Super Bowl victories and was named Super Bowl MVP three times. Take that for super stardom.
  5. John Elway, Quarterback for Denver Broncos: 1983-1998. MVP for Super Bowl XXXIII is only one of the things that made John a top ten contender for best former NFL player. What was truly amazing was 47 fourth-quarter come back from behind wins. The best athletes never give up!
  6. Emmitt Smith, Running back for Dallas Cowboys: 1990-2002. Emmitt was named MVP in Super Bowl XXVIII and was instrumental in leading his team to three Super Bowl wins. He was the best running back in the NFL for four years and led in rushing touchdowns for three years. You see him coming at you but you can’t catch him.
  7. Joe Green, Defensive tackle for Pittsburg Steelers: 1969-1981. They called him “Mean Joe Green” and every quarterback buckled in their knees when they saw him coming. Green played in four Super Bowls, ten Pro Bowls and was named Defensive Player of the year twice.
  8. Barry Sanders, Running back for Detroit Lions: 1989-1998. Sanders was the first running back to rush for 1,000 in his first ten years as an NFL player. His fourteen straight 100 yards rushing games secures him as one of the ten best former NFL players ever to play the sport.
  9. LawrenceTaylor, Linebacker for New York Giants: 1981-1993. Named Defensive Player of the year three times Lawrence was a force to be reckoned with. He played in 10 Pro Bowls and was second in all-time sacks when he retired.
  10. Troy Aikman, Quarterback for Dallas Cowboys: 1989-2000. Led his team to three Super Bowl wins. Troy was the most successful starting quarterback of any decade. Aikman was in six Pro Bowls and held almost 50 passing records for the Cowboys.

The 10 best former NFL players list may be subjective but their accomplishments simply astounding. Their passing games, running games or defensive moves made these former NFL players not only the best of the best, but legends of the game. 

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