10 Best Fourth Date Ideas

The man looking for the 10 best fourth date ideas is at a crossroads. Is she "Ms. Right" and worthwhile of further pursuit, or is it time to cut her loose and check out the other fish in the sea? Handle this particular date in the wrong way, and it is possible to get stuck in a relationship with someone who in short order is sure to turn into "Ms. Wrong." Pick one or more suggestions from this list of 10 best fourth date ideas, and it is possible to end the evening with a definite sense of direction to where this lady should be headed.

  1. Choose a public venue where it is possible to talk. Staying out of the apartment cuts down on the temptation to get physical (and potentially flitter away another opportunity to get to really know her) and makes it possible to actively engage in conversation.
  2. Have the "ex" talk in a relaxed setting (such as a coffee house). What was her last relationship like? While it is necessary to open up a bit about your past, keep your ears peeled for warning signs that her last relationship might not be quite as over as you thought it was. There is no reason to get serious with a woman who is still stringing along someone else.
  3. Take a daytime drive. If she likes hiking or fishing, head over to a place that is an hour or so away. This is a great time to get out of Dodge, converse and spend some time together where it is easy to focus on the conversation.
  4. Go window-shopping. Believe it or not but walking through a furniture store, big box home improvement store, warehouse retailer or club store reveals a lot about a woman. Is she thrifty? Does she desire every last gadget?
  5. Go on a city tour by bus. A tried and true outing that merits inclusion in the 10 best fourth date ideas, it shows how she handles waiting and being in close quarters with other passengers. Is she kind and considerate or pushy and rude?
  6. Attend an art gallery opening or visit a new museum exhibit. If cultural compatibility is important to you, then a woman who fidgets during an art gallery opening is unlikely to suit.
  7. Pretend to be tourists for an evening. Every city has uniquely touristy spots and locales. Visit some of them and even buy her a few trinkets. If she is a good sport, she will play right along. If not, she might not be the lady to consider when spontaneity and lighthearted fun are important parts of a relationship.
  8. Feed the ducks. Is she an animal lover? For the man with a soft spot for furry or feathered creatures, this can be a very revealing outing.
  9. Sing karaoke. This is the watershed moment for separating the introvert from the extrovert. While this might be the definitive last date for the painful introvert, it is also one of the 10 best fourth date ideas that make it clear just how compatible you two are.
  10. Kiss her goodnight at the door and leave. Remember, these 10 best fourth date ideas serve to help you decide if she is the one to keep or the one to cut loose. While there is nothing wrong with keeping her as a friend or acquaintance if you decide that she is not "Ms. Right," the temptation of physical contact is sure to muddle your senses.

Enjoy the 10 best fourth date ideas and use them wisely to get to know your lady friend. Cut your losses if you find that the areas of compatibility that matter the most are simply not there.

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