10 Best Free Apps for BlackBerry Storm 9530

These are the 10 best free apps for BlackBerry Storm 9530 lovers out there. Nothing is more exciting about having a smart phone than having the ability to download applications to make your BlackBerry Storm even more personal. These applications will help to make your smart phone just that much more handy.

  1. Pandora is one of the best free apps that you can get to enhance the use of your BlackBerry Storm 9530. This application is a way to add the radio onto your phone. This is an online radio application that will play the music that you love to hear.
  2. IM+ Lite is the best free app that you can get to add chatting to your BlackBerry Storm 9530. IM+ Lite is a BlackBerry Storm 9530 application that will allow you to use multiple chat supporters at once. You can use AIM, iChat, MSN, ICQ, Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger, Twitter, Windows Live Messenger,  Jabber, MySpace IM, Skype and Facebook at one time.
  3. One of the most convenient free apps for the BlackBerry Storm 9530 is Antair Headers. This application allows you to view the full e-mail headers of all emails that you view on your BlackBerry Storm 9530.
  4. FreeRange WebReader the best free app for saving you time while using your BlackBerry Storm 9530. This application is a way to read the news easier and quicker on your phone. It makes it so that there is no longer a “click and wait” time on your BlackBerry Storm 9530.
  5. Weather Bug is one of the best free apps you can get for your BlackBerry Storm 9530 because it allows you to always know your weather information. Not only will the Weather Bug application give you a full weather report at the tip of your fingers, but it will also give you important weather alters no matter where you may be!
  6. Lister is the best way to keep yourself organized with a free BlackBerry app. This application allows you create any sort of lists that you can imagine. It also has been updated to allow you to add due dates to your lists. This application is very easy to understand and navigate through using your hotkeys.
  7. LaterFlag and LaterDude are extremely important free apps to have on your BlackBerry Storm 9530 if you are a forgetful person. LaterFlag is an application for your BlackBerry that allows for quick simple and easy flagging so you don’t forget to respond to emails ever again. LaterDude is an application that allows you to put reminders into your calendar to return calls that are showing in your call log.
  8. The Color ID Lite is the best free application for any BlackBerry Storm 9530 addict. This application allows you to set a different color LED light for each different contact so that you can know exactly who you are getting messages from before looking at your screen.
  9. Shortcovers for the BlackBerry Storm is a great free app for all readers out there. Shortcovers is a great free application that allows BlackBerry users to read thousands of books, magazine articles, short stories, or blog posts on your phone no matter where you are. It is a way to have an eReader with you at all times.
  10. Frugalytics is a must have app for any BlackBerry Storm owner. This is a great free comparison shopping application for any deal lover out there. This application will help you to ensure that you never spend more than is needed on any of your new purchases.
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