10 Best Free Apps for Palm Centro

Want to know 10 of the best free apps you need to have for your Palm Centro? Now that you have your great Palm Centro smart phone you need to know what the best free applications are so that you can get full usability out of your smart phone.

  1. The Facebook app for Palm Centro is one of the best apps that you can get for free. It is also one of the most popular apps ever downloaded for the Palm Centro. This is the best way to stay in touch with your social network while you are on the go.
  2. The Core Pocket Media Player is a free app that no music lover could ever pass up! This app will allow you to save media files onto your device or memory card so that you can take your music and videos anywhere that you go. Never be forced to sit in silence again with this free application.
  3. The Attention Grabber app for the Palm Centro is the best free app for anyone who easily forgets about notifications. This free application will allow you to set up reminder vibrations or to turn on your LED light on your Palm Centro to grab your attention about your unchecked notifications.
  4. Flight Status is such a great application that most people would be willing to pay for it. You cannot beat this best free app if you ever plan on traveling by airplane again. It is a simple, easy to navigate application that will allow you to check the status of many different flights. It may not be able to pull all flights, but they do support all major airlines.
  5. The best free application for any book lover is eReader. Simply explained this is an ebook reader. It will read books in both the standard PalmDoc format as well as in the eReader format. Add a version of it to your PC or Mac as well as your Palm Centro.
  6. Gizmo5 is one of the best free apps for the Palm Centro because it is a simple way to stay connected. The Gizmo Project Chat Client allows a Palm Centro user to use multiple different chat clients at one time. It supports Google Talk, Yahoo! Messenger,  iChat, Jabber, AIM and MSN at one time.
  7. KMaps is a free app for the Palm Centro that allows you to use Google Maps. This application allows you to search Google Maps, look for directions and view satellite images. Of course that does mean that it will need to connect to the internet to get proper directions and up-to-date information.
  8. Protect yourself from a severe headache while backing up your Palm Centro with a free app called Backup Buddy. This best ever free application will save you the hassle from ever having to wait to be at your desktop to reinstall your software again. It saves all of your backup information onto your memory card.
  9. KsDatebook and KsToDo are two free Palm Centro applications that will help you to stay on top of everything important to you. Yes of course you do get the typical Calendar and Task applications on your Palm, but these applications will enhance those to show you weekly views and display text in an monthly view as well.
  10. HandyShopper is a great free application for your Palm Centro. This application is a database that will support any type of lists that you could think of! You can use the HandyShopper application to create grocery lists, birthday lists, or maybe even your super secret wish list.
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