10 Best Free Film Sites

These are the 10 best free film sites for voracious viewers of the cinema, and those that contribute to it's creation. You will find insider details about upcoming films, classics of the past, and the pure magic involved in constructing them. No annoying subscription fees – just Interviews, analysis', and updated insight – brought to you by the 10 best free film sites.

  1. "Go Into The Story" What good is a movie if it doesn't make you want to go into the story? Scott Myers is the captain of this concept, and of the greatest free film site on the Internet – "Go Into The Story." Mr. Myers is not some self-appointed guru, he has written scripts that Hollywood has produced, is a screenwriting professor at the University of North Carolina and UCLA, and still makes time to donate daily antidotes – fighting the good fight for the storytellers of tomorrow. 
  2. "Jo Blo" Do friends make you feel so self-conscious about being a "movie geek" that you need new friends that share your passion? You will definitely locate them on "Jo Blo." This free film site contains cinematic social networking, movie news, and screenplays to your favorite films.
  3. "Slash Film" When it comes to reputable film forums, "Slash Film" is among the best available. Ask writer/director Kevin Smith, who is a regular reader. They have been covered in "Vanity Fair" and "The New York Times,"  their quotes were used in the marketing campaign for "Hostel: Part II," and in 2009 "Time Magazine" rated them among the 25 best blogs of the year.
  4. "Making Of" If you are an avid fan of the "special features" on DVD and Blu-ray movies, then you need some "Making Of" in your life. Many other free film sites offer interviews with actors and directors. But "Making Of" includes talks with: screenwriters, editors, cinematographers, producers, production designers, special effects artists, and even stunt men.
  5. "MovieMaker" This informative film site offers free useful examinations of film production. This is a digital extension of "MovieMaker Magazine," which has the distinction of being the most read independent publication for cinema in the world. "MovieMaker" also offers information about film schools, distribution channels, and film festivals.
  6. "Art of The Title" Woody Allen may prefer a black screen, white text, and a vintage record playing to begin his memorable movies. But designing unique title sequences that establish a story's tone and themes is an art form all of it's own. Thanks to "Art Of The Title," we have a splendid digital museum that houses these mini movies, analyzes them, and often speaks to their creators. 
  7. "Ain't It Cool" Harry Knowles is not the brother of singer/superstar Beyoncé Knowles. He is the self-titled "Head Geek" of cinema who founded "Aint It Cool" in 1996, one of the longest running free film sites ever. He is a distinguished fixture of film media that has been listed among other influential entertainment players in magazines such as: "Entertainment Weekly", "Premiere Magazine", "Wired", and "Forbes."
  8. "Film School Rejects" If film school didn't properly prepare you for the post-graduate world, just remember, you are never too old to succeed. "Film School Rejects" is not about finding a job, it is about finding out who is getting the job done in Hollywood. Using clever wit, interviews, reviews, and news,"Film School Rejects" keeps you feeling connected  to the world of film – not rejected.
  9. "John August" When you are a successful screenwriter with a working- relationship with Tim Burton, one of Hollywood's most artistic directors, you are surely qualified to blog about crafting stories for the screen. John August's screenwriting credits include: "Charlie's Angels," "Charlie and the Chocolate Factory," and "Corpse Bride." Now there should be no excuses about not living close enough to Hollywood for expert advice.
  10.  "Flickering Myth" "Flickering Myth" is a free UK-based film blog that gives us a British film prospective without having to buy a plane ticket. The editor Gary Collinson and his creative contributors have been offering reviews, contests, UK box office info, short films, and promotion for independent filmmakers since February 2009. It is worth indulging in their  "Filmmaker Profiles" section  - the finest biographies about great directors you will find online.  



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