10 Best Free Palm Centro Apps

The 10 best free Palm Centro apps will boost your Palm's OS into a flash device. Using these free apps eases the out of date package your Palm Centro currently has into the future of mobile devices. Downloading these apps to a mobile device is safe, simple, and essential.

  1. PalmHandZipper Lite. This free app for your Palm Centro allows for quick opening of zipped files. Zipped files save space on a limited storage system like a mobile phone. This downloadable app saves time and makes the businessperson look more professional because they no longer have to download their important documents to a PC. Impress clients by having the documents pulled up instantly on your mobile device.
  2. Accessorizer. This is one of the free apps for mobile devices that is helpful in business because it allows for many applications to work at the same time. This application saves your work online by keeping the browser up behind any text messages that might have closed the original app when the text arrives. With this application, you can work, play and receive messages and calls all at once.
  3. CorePocket Media Player. Sometimes in business, watching a video is vital to work and a computer is not always available. This free app for the Palm Centro allows for better playing than the basic program with a clearer picture and faster buffering.
  4. Hearts. Add this app for free which allows you to play the popular game on your Palm Centro with a simple download. This is helpful for long trips and boring hotel stays during business trips.
  5. Noah Pro 3.0. This app for mobile devices is a good dictionary that is more essential in business than the mobile device to which it is downloaded. A successful person has an extensive vocabulary and writes proper memos and emails that sound professional.
  6. FlightStatus. This downloaded free app provides a streaming information list to keep you up-to-date on all U.S. flight information. This is important to keep you from missing any flights or being late to meetings.
  7. Converter. Many mobile devices are unable to convert more than the metric scale to American systems without special software for mobile devices. This free app for the Palm Centro allows for saving the specific types of currency or measurement you convert most often. Convenience is the key to this app and time is saved when you're trying to pay for the clients meal.
  8. Yaps. Often, people have a different password for each site and application they use. It is not safe to keep these in the notepad. Download this free “yet another password safe” app to keep your passwords safe.
  9. eReader. Another free app that is helpful during those long business trips that have too much down time is the eReader app. It allows for downloading eBooks and reading them wherever you go. This is a helpful app when needing to study a new language or a new business technique.
  10. Group Text Messaging 1.0. An important app for any person, whether business person or weekend warrior, is the text messaging app that provides a way to text a large group of people. This allows for texting multiple people at the same time whereas most programs only allow up to ten contacts per message. It is tedious to have to rewrite a message more than once and this free download eases that difficult issue.
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