10 Best Free Smartphone Apps

You can look smart and enjoy the benefits of the 10 best free Smartphone apps. With the evolution of technology, people are equipping themselves with phones that will keep them on par and up-to-date. The word Smartphone speaks for itself. It is a phone with a modern operating systems. It carries the best free Smartphone apps with various features that are very useful in today’s society .These applications are free and ranges from entertainment to navigation. Therefore, you don’t have to be left behind.

You don’t have to sit at the computer in order to know what is happening in cyber space. With a  smartphone, you can surf the web, send and receive emails, text and keep in touch with your friends on the social network of your choice. You can pay your bills or do your online banking while waiting in the car parking. The ten best free Smartphone apps include the following.

  1. CellMapper.You can know how well your network is functioning with the CellMapper. This free Smartphone apps shows the extent of your network coverage and the cell phone towers locations.
  2. SportyPal. The Smartphone can keep you on tract with your exercises and calorie burning activities. The SportyPal tracks speed, distance and calories during activities such as running and biking. This free Smartphone apps can keep you in good shape and facilitate you in maintaining good cardiovascular health.
  3. All Mobile Mines In addition, boredom is a thing of the past when you have access to All mobile Mines. The collections of games are exciting and entertaining. This can help you to take a break and relax.
  4. ReliRescue. Your partner doesn’t have to feel insecure. The ReliRescue will broadcast your location over SMS or email. This free Smartphone free apps is also an excellent safety feature.
  5. Leaf Locate. You can save gas and time as well as never getting lost again when your Smartphone is in your pocket. The leaf locate navigate locations and keep you on the right path. With this feature you can always be on time.
  6. JZ SmartMort. You can surf the web with ease. The JZ SmartMort copy or paste clipboard history and favorites when you click the URL.
  7. Smath Studio v0.89. Your free Smartphone apps can solve your problems with math. The Smath Studio v0.89 is a math program that works like a calculator. It can also solve fractions, complex numbers, vectors and matrices.
  8. F1 2010 Mobile. You can keep tuned during F1 championship season with the F1 2010 feature .This is one of the best free Smartphone apps for sports lovers.
  9. Expo studio. Don’t worry about losing your contacts, the Expo-Studio provides the best back up application for your contact.
  10. Pocke twit. Finally, keep in touch with your twitter friends with the Pocke twit. These free Smartphone apps allow you to twit all you want.

The Smartphone is not just a phone, it is a high technology device that offers exceptional applications. So, be smart and enjoy the 10 best free Smartphone apps.

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