10 Best Freestyle Rap Battle Lyrics

For the most powerful poetry and form of expression, check out these 10 best freestyle rap battle lyrics. Some of the most talented rappers in America are able to string together words to get their points across in a strong and influential way. Their best comes out in rap battles such as in the lyrics below. 

  1. “It’s a blessing that I’ve known you in this life that always keeps us guessing.” As a tribute to someone that passed away in his life, Big-Proof expresses himself in profound rap battle lyrics. His deep thoughts remind us that life is unpredictable and that we shouldn’t take neither life nor the people that surround us for granted.
  2. “I’m eating out your flesh. It’ll taste better with some soy sauce.” The fury exudes out of these battle lyrics as KrixKrox attacks Nell with some harsh words in his freestyle lyrics. With the food analogy, he shows that he’s enjoying taking his opponent apart.
  3. “Life’s a cycle of vicious twists and turns.” The rapper, Poet, represents the unlucky ones who regret past decisions and have to deal with the consequences. With a visual analogy, he let us know that life’s not all fun and games.
  4. “Or is it the opposite of Sprite and just not quenchable?” With a clever comeback, Stitch mocks Underex’s lyrics with a quip of his own. In a friendly battle, Stitch uses his wittiness to take the win.
  5. “I explained to her, poured out my brains to her, or that’s what I did in my mind.” In full out rap and amidst verses and rhymes, Koncept5 tells us a story of his relationship with a girl and the accumulation of lies that he couldn’t control. These lyrics start off the climax when he actually confronts her.
  6. “He’s in that kind of mood that’s taken from people trying to steal the cheese that he’s grating.” Vertical Leap tells his own story of an interaction he’s witnessed between a random guy and girl when he freestyles. He imagines what kind of mood the guy is in and describes it so clearly.
  7. “Handcuff humanity harming harmony.” With an impressively intelligent composition, Mistugh uses all of the letters of the alphabet as the beginning of each alliterated line. In his rap battle lyrics, the line for “H” was one of the strongest with a critique of how the world disrupts nature.
  8. “I pass money around. Call it hot potato.” Zhay lets the world know that he’s to be respected when he battles. He’s got power and money and isn’t afraid to use them.
  9. “Hip hop is a bride and I’m her groom.” As a challenge to a rap battle, Reezy Rox uses a cunning example in his freestyle lyrics to make himself known. He’s at the top and ready for a faceoff.
  10. “Never knew better, never had the pleasure, always getting told that they ain’t nothing special.” K-Coonn makes an insightful observation about how some children in America are being treated by their parents. It’s possibly how he was brought up and why it’s amazing that he’s made it to where he is now.
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