10 Best French Hip Hop Songs

Rap music is an international phenomenon and these hot tracks are the 10 best French hip-hop songs ever committed to record. If you've never heard French hip-hop before, this is a great place to start. Check them out!

  1. “Le Crime Paie” by Lunatic Crime pays, but how much? Lunatic has the answer in this fresh track that tops our list of the best French hip-hop songs for its awesome beat.
  2. "L'école du micro d'argent" by IAM This is the title track from a classic hip-hop album. It is one of the best French hip-hop songs in history thanks to its clever lyrics and soulful backing music.
  3. “Qui est l'exemple” by Rohff R&B had a major impact on the development of hip-hop in recent years and France is no exception. This track proves it and is the best R&B flavored hip-hop track we've heard in a while.
  4. “Sacrifice de Poulet” by Ministere AMER This is about as close to gangsta rap as French hip-hop gets. The backing track is hardcore, as are the spitfire lyrics, which will leave you in a daze.
  5. "Les tam-tam de l'Afrique" by IAM Colonialism and slavery are the difficult issues explored in this track. That's why it is our favorite French hip-hop song with a political message.
  6. "J't'emmerde" by MC Jean Gab1 This legendary diss finds MC Jean Gab1 going off on fellow rapper Sheryo. These two definitely don't get along, but in France, they rap about it.
  7. “Petit Bordel” by Art 2 Rue “Bordel” means “whorehouse” in French. That gives you an idea of this song’s thumping, booty-shaking nastiness. Anything that can make you laugh and dance at the same time is cool in our book.
  8. “Quand J’arrive” by Oxmo Puccino Any French music critic will tell you that this is one of the most famous—and best—French hip-hop songs. In France, it's a popular background for breakdancers.
  9. “Bouge de là” by MC Solaar MC Solaar is known even in non-French speaking countries for his smooth delivery and fresh approach to the genre. This is one of his coolest and more recent tunes.
  10. “Police” by NTM Even French rappers have a problem with the police, as this final track, which rounds out our list of the best French hip-hop songs, will attest. It might not be as cool as "F*ck tha Police" by NWA, but it's still pretty bad ass.
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