10 Best French Male Singers

The 10 best French male singers are all extremely talented and have great appeal as singers. With their fun style and unsurpassed vocals, these French singers have become popular not just in France, but across the globe. With such skill, it is no surprise that they have attained such a strong international presence.

  1. Francis Cabrel: This talented singer is known for having great rock songs that makes everyone want to get up and dance. He also has beautiful slow songs, including "Elle Dort", where he sings beautiful lyrics with passion. This is an amazing French singer with a versatile voice.
  2. Charles Aznavour: This singer is famous for the song "La boheme", a classic French song reflecting the beautiful and elongated notes. The song is mellow and accompanied delicately with a piano and percussion. All his songs have are performed in a traditional French music style.
  3. Jacques Brel: This phenomenal singer has been a keystone to French music, contributing many classics such as "Ne me Quitte Pas" and "Le Mirbond." Brel's contribution to music has been unmistakably phenomenal, as his deep vocals and harmonious voice made amazing songs. Although he passed away in 1978, he remains one of the most iconic male French singers in history.
  4. George Brassens: This French singer has had many hits such as "La Gorille" and "Mourir pour des idees." He became famous due to his great male vocals and elegant style. His political background is as interesting as his singing career, as he worked in a labor camp during World War II, where some of his experiences later influenced his music.
  5. Manu Chao: Popular in the 1990's and the 2000's, this singer is known for his French, Spanish, Arabic, Portuguese, and English lyrics. With fun beats and a unique style, Manu Chao has gained international fame. Many of his songs are political leftist in nature, giving an emotional and social impact to his songs.
  6. Julien Clerc: This French male singer has been singing since the late 1960's, including songs such as "Helene" and "Ce N'est Rien." He continues to sing beautiful songs with meaningful lyrics. Much of his music is romantic, making amazing love songs that have become timeless.
  7. Thierry Hazard: With songs such as "Poupee Psychedelique," Hazard is known for creating fun and entertaining songs. With a rock edge, many of his singles gained much attention in France, including "Le Jerk," which was tremendously popular in 1990. He is without a doubt one of the best male French singers in history.
  8. Johnny Hallyday: This French singer has had a lengthy 50-year career, starting in the 1960's. He became famous for his Elvis influenced rock and roll style, creating fun songs that were loved in France. He continues to make music today, including the much loved "Je Te Promets"  that remains a favorite in France.
  9. Boby Lapointe: Boby created many French hits, including "La Mama des Poissons" and "Framboise." He was known for combining his male vocals with humorous instruments and funny lyrics. He is truly one of the best male singers France has ever had.
  10. Maxime le Forestier: Starting his singing career during his military service, this singer was tremendously popular in France with songs such as "San Francisco" and "Mon Frere." Along with a wonderful voice, he sings with unmistakable passion and skill. He continues to be one of the most outstanding French male singers.
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