10 Best French Quarter Restaurants

If you are planning on visiting the French Quarter and don’t want to lose your taste buds in the venture, enjoy some of the best French Quarter restaurants. Knowing where to go can eliminate lost time in searching for a decent meal.

  1. La Crepe Nanou. Not a big secret of the French Quarter, La Crepe Nanou is wonderfully designed with star gazing angled ceiling windows and a modern style entwisted with 19th century flair. The menu is broad with seafood dishes and great desert choices making it number one of the best French Quarter Restaurants.
  2. Ninja Restaurant and Sushi Bar. Yes, the French Quarter offers the supreme in sushi and Japanese dining. This restaurant is one of the best French Quarter Restaurants as it is the best Japanese eating within the entire area.
  3. K-Paul’s Louisiana Kitchen. A great spot for tourist interest and community tastes, this restaurant features by far the best in a seafood menu with French Quarter taste that is loved by both the locals and visitors.
  4. G W Fins. When you are seeking excellent service that isn’t too much in your face, with food that can keep you coming back as a regular, G W Fins is the place to go. As one of the best French Quarter restaurants for the upmost in an experience, this restaurant is a favorite of many.
  5. Mona Lisa Restaurant. For a great Italian/European experience, Mona Lisa Restaurant offers the supreme in casual dining. The atmosphere is cozy with an eclectic décor, placing it snuggly within the best French Quarter restaurants.
  6. Johnny’s Po-Boys. Not the most exclusive or upscale of restaurants, but this small restaurant reaches the one of the best French Quarter restaurants for anyone who enjoys a good Po-Boy sandwich. With what has been claimed the best Po-Boy anywhere, it definitely is the best in the area.
  7. Stella Restaurant. Offering a menu that is unique and authentic to the area, the atmosphere of the restaurant is truly magnificent with a beautiful décor and great location. The service is excellent and the entire experience is comfortable and enjoyable.
  8. The Praline Connection. Southern style food is offered here with tastes that melt the soul. With the atmosphere of the French Quarter and the lifestyle of the good old south, this restaurant claims its name as one of the best French Quarter restaurants.
  9. Clover Grill. Sometimes we all want to get back to the classic, all-American burger, fries, and a shake, which is offered here. With a classic comfort and a great dive style décor, this restaurant is one of the best French Quarter restaurants.
  10. Gumbo Shop. Of course a gumbo specializing restaurant makes its way to the best French Quarter restaurants, this one because of the great food with the miniature price tag attached. You can get wine, beer, two entrees, and appetizers as well for about $30, making it a great.

When you visit the French Quarter, you definitely want to let your tummy enjoy the location, known for great cultural meals. Finding the best French Quarter restaurants can definitely improve an already enjoyable experience.

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