10 Best French Rap Songs

While French hip hop is nearly as famous as its American counterpart, if you don’t live in a French-speaking country, it might be hard to figure out what the best French rap songs are. This list seeks to rectify that situation.

  1. MC Solaar – “Bouge de là.” A pioneering figure in the world of French hip hop, his breakthrough single gets our vote for the best French rap song of all time.
  2. IAM – "L'école du micro d'argent." The title track off of the epic album by French hip hop album IAM is truly a sublime classic.
  3. Rohff – “Qui est l'exemple.” One of the best French rap songs, it clearly shows the R&B influence that American hip hop has brought to the genre in the French speaking countries.
  4. MC Jean Gab1 – "J't'emmerde." A cool track in which Gab1 disses fellow French rapper Sheryo. Sheryo would later strike back with his song "MC Grand Gamin."
  5. IAM – "Les tam-tam de l'Afrique." This is undoubtedly the best French rap song addressing the complex issue of slavery.
  6. NTM – “Police.” Even French hip hop has its own anti-police brutality anthem.
  7. Lunatic – “Le Crime Paie.” Probably the best French rap song in the “gangsta rap” genre.
  8. Ministere AMER – “Sacrifice de Poulet.” For those who favor hardcore hip hop, this track is for you.
  9. Oxmo Puccino – “Quand J’arrive.” One of the best French rap songs of the aughts.
  10. Art 2 Rue – “Petit Bordel.” Funky and nasty at once, “Petit Bordel” rounds out our list of the best French rap songs.
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