10 Best French Reggae Songs

The genre of French reggae music gives a feel good vibe, with danceable rhythms that often deliver important messages about politics, love, and independence; enjoy this genre of music with the 10 best French reggae songs. French reggae music is often mixed with elements of hip hop, dub, dance hall, and ragamuffin providing a unique, enjoyable musical experience. In no particular order, the ten best French Reggae songs are as follows:

  1. Daddy Mory  “Signeurs de Guerre” Leading with a strong brass intro that draws the listener into this faster driven, more energetic song that matches the importance of this anti-violence message targeted at arms sales and war lords that relates a sensitivity to Babylonian and African issues makes this a choice for the best French reggae songs.
  2. Lyricson “Chosen One” This song will appeal to a more international audience because the song is sung in English. An upbeat, bright sounding dynamic purveys in this song about personal freedom and independence that has the listener dancing and feeling the affirmations.
  3. Tiwony “Oupatébizwentousa” Strong bass melodies compliment this reggae and hip hop fusion that creates excitement and energy with catchy chorus repetitions. A hugely danceable beat makes this song one of the ten best French reggae songs.
  4. Daddy Yod “Qui Dit Que” Slightly raspy yet lighthearted sounding vocals and lyrics make this song fun to listen to and brings to mind bright sunny days. The song has nice guitar mini solos that are the icing on the cake to this one of a kind gem.
  5. Positiv Young Lion “Nous Condament” This song is among the best French reggae songs. The strong, steady reggae rhythm with exceptional bass melody will please bass aficionados and the combined lyrical efforts give the song a unique melodic movement and a hip hop feel.
  6. Lady K “Oh Daddy Woy” The singer’s soulful, melodic voice delivers a softer offering to the strength of the reggae sound with dance hall influences. This is an inspiring song that produces a positive sound aura despite slightly sad tones with nice shifts in rhythm and good background vocals put this song on the list for the ten best French reggae Songs.
  7. Monsieur Lézard “Satimbanque” A unique and adventurous intro guides us into an upbeat and danceable song that has the lyrical message that the artist was given a gift to produce a good vibe through music and he succeeds rather well.
  8. Baby G “On y Croit” This song qualifies for the ten best French reggae songs for its upbeat island feel with lighter elements of brass compared to some reggae songs. This song features some angelic sounding backup singers.
  9. Straika D “No Limit” A great bass and guitar intro and French lyrics that seem to flow exceptionally well with the rhythm and melody of the song are complemented by less emphasis on backup vocals for a mellow tone.
  10. Little Francky “Fabrication” Little Francky has a clear, pleasant, mid ranged voice that carries a French reggae melody very well. Slightly muted guitar rhythms are prominent not only compliments the singer’s voice, it carries the soothing tone of the song which makes it a good choice for the list of ten best French reggae songs.


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